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The following table is for keeping track of which areas have been fully documented in this initial stage. Green means believed to be completed, blue is partially complete (or documented but not fully correct), and red is mostly incomplete or not present.

If there is an area listed here as incomplete with which you are familiar, please contribute your knowledge. If you think that there is a mistake in this table (such as claiming something is complete when you are sure that it is not), please correct it and comment on the discussion page.

This list does not currently include pkill areas, specific-purpose areas like arenas or HQs, Out of Game areas or Asgard Nexus.

Completion Status Table

Area Name Area Map Mob List Item List
Abattoir Asylum
Abishai's Morgue
Along the Forest Path
The Ancient City of Aurora
Antall, the Lost Harbor
The Ashen Forest
The Astral Plane
Azure Sea
Barren Peaks of Tahjliera
The Barren Wastes
Barrik's Keep
Bartok Grove
Blasted Lands
The Blood Sea
The Burrows
City of Eldestra
The City of Iniquity
The City of Salburg
Cold Comfort
Coral Depths
Crystalmir Lake
Cursed Lands
D'Morian's Lands
Darkhaven Art Gallery
Desert of Despair
Dragon Cult
Dragon Tower
Dragon's Pass
Drow City
The Dungeon
The Dunhill Demesnes
Dwarven Catacombs
Dylan's Area
Eastern Trade Route
Elemental Canyon
Emerald Hills
Ezard's Fields
Florebit In Immortalis Iuvenis
Forest of Tears
The Forgotten Woods
The Gauntlet
Glimwinkle's Chessboard
Glimwinkle's Windmill
Great Eastern Desert
The Graveyard
Green Forest
Hall of Mirrors
The Halls of Knowledge
Haunted House
The Haven of Everlasting Light
High Tower of Sorcery
The Intrigues of the Miden'nir
The Island of Irrybis
Isle of the Monkeys
The Keep of Belial
Keep of Lomar
The Keep of Mahn-Tor
The King's Castle
Kingdom of Juargan
Knights of the Round
La Chute D'eau De L'ancients
Lake of Tich'Pyga
Lamech's Abandoned Manor
Land of the Fire Newts
Machine Dreams
The Mahn-Tor Catacombs
Major Oak
Mathlaan Lagoon
Midway of Despair
The Mire
Mithril Hall
A Moment in Nature
Morgul Vale
Mount Krozloy
The Mountain of Lost Souls
Mountains of Desolation
Mulciber's Forge
New Darkhaven
New Hope Farm
New Ofcol
Northern Plains
Northern Trade Route
Ocean Keep
Ockwater Fens
Octopus Garden
Old Marsh
Old Thalos
The Peaks of Tar'pa Cithm
Pixie Forest
Qetag's Reach
Raven Tor
Realm of Worship
Redferne's Residence
Reign of Madness
Reomyr Village
Revelation City
The Ruins of T'man
The Sands of Teracchei
Scourge of Time
Sea of Sorrows
The Sentinel
Seth's Fortress
Shadow Grove
Shattered Refuge
Shattered Temple of Naetrelle
The Shire
The Slime Pit
Southern Mountain Range
Sunless Sea
Tayalardian Rangelands
Temple of the Moon
Thul Ab'hara
The Tower of Despair
Tower of Enlightenment
The Tower of Knowledge
The Tower of Zenothir
Town Hall
Town of Solace
The Tree of Life
Treetops and Canopy
Troll Den
Tullfuhrzky Manor
The Underworld
Unholy Grounds
Vale of Nidaros
The Valley of Crucifixion
Valley of the Elves
Valley of Mysts
Vast Horizons
Village of Edo
The Village of Tar'pa Cithm
The Von Deusen Mausoleum
The Warehouse
Wendle Mansion
Western Trading Route
White Pine Camp
Wild Tundra
Winterlight Island
The Wolf's Den
Wyvern's Tower
The Ziggurat
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