Cursed Lands

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Area Directions

  • ZMud: nw;w;w;#4 n;e;look painting;open n;n;#26 w;n;n;ne;nw;n;nw;w;w;#5 n;d;nw;nw;ne;e;nw;n
  • MUSHClient: #(nw) 2w 4n e (look painting) (open n) n 26w 2n (ne) (nw) n (nw) 2w 5n d 2(nw) (ne) e (nw) n
  • General: nw, 2w, 4n, e, look painting, open n, n, 26w, 2n, ne, nw, n, nw, 2w, 5n, d, 2nw, ne, e, nw, n

Area Information


Long ago, the Clan Tree once flourished. As the Clan Tree prospered,
so did the beautiful land of Cridhe. Then Raphos the Usurper came
and used the Clan Tree for his own evil purposes. The Gods deemed
this to be wrong and cursed the land and its peoples. A dark shadow
fell over the land, plunging it into eternal winter. Then began the
Parting, where the elves separated themselves from the land, it is
rumored that they left behind the haven of Loch Prith, which contains
many wonders, and the Gwlyfan of legend are said to remain there as
well. Cridhe, once a beautiful paradise, is now an icy wasteland, split
in half by the frozen river of Sobus. Two towns remain, fighting a
losing battle against the curse. Inys Haen to the north, suffers the
depredations of Nohrish raiders from Inys Nohr, dark stronghold of the
Felonarch, Nazir. A descendant of Raphos, he bears the mark of the curse
and is said to hold the last surviving piece of the Clan Tree. Between the
two lands lie the moors known as the Sticks and the Far Clans, who remain
ever apart from the two towns.

Area Notes

Cursed Lands, a fantastic area buried within Otherland. It is made up of two halves - Inys Haen (for 35-50), which is relatively safe and recallable; and Inys Nohr, which is quite hostile and can't be recalled out of. One trick though is to walk a mage to the start of CL and portal in to your character in Inys Nohr. This only works around the start of the town though (near Jedhian). Mobs of note are Malvos, Nazir and Jedhian (who carries Soulslayer).

Area Map