Danger in the Woods

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= Rewards =
= Rewards =
* [[Quiet murmurs of the wood]]
* [[Quiet murmurs of the wood]]
* [[Harsh murmurs of the wood]] Pkill only
* [[Harsh murmurs of the woods]] Pkill only
= Analysis =
= Analysis =

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(1106)  Gonnil       01/22/19     Danger in the Woods

Some keen explorers of the Realm recently came across an urgent request from
the keepers of the secluded ranger station in Wyvern's Tower, asking for help
in cleansing the assorted forests across the world.  They will only discuss
this with avatar Rangers who are well-versed in the ranger skillset and are
willing to take on the challenges that may lie ahead for them.


This quest is available to provide rangers with an upgraded ear armor. The quest requires the use of many ranger skills in order to complete it, providing training to those who are unfamiliar with it.



A green cloaked ranger busily tends to her station.
Fhaile is shrouded in flowing shadow and light.
Fhaile stops her work on a small piece of shale and looks up.
Fhaile says 'Hi playername, what can I do for you?'
Fhaile says 'playername!  Howdy there, from one ranger to another.'
Fhaile pokes you in the ribs.
Fhaile says 'You look like you could be helping me out with some ranger work.'
Fhaile says 'If you're interested, ask me about how to help.'
You say 'how to help'
Fhaile nods in greeting towards you.
Fhaile sizes you up, squinting at your equipment.
Fhaile says 'Before we continue, you've got to show that you have developed'
Fhaile says 'your survival skills around the forests of the land, because'
Fhaile says 'only a true Ranger will have the ability to help with the'
Fhaile says 'cleansing of the forest that I will be telling you about.'
Fhaile says 'So...'
Fhaile says 'Bring me back 10 stacks of wood that you have gathered.'
Fhaile says 'Let's see if you can manage that, to start.'

Once you have used gather wood to achieved the goal return to Fhaile and give her the wood.

You give a stack of wood to Fhaile.
Fhaile examines a stack of wood.
Fhaile nods solemnly.
Fhaile says 'Ten stacks of wood.  Well done, playername.'
Fhaile gazes into the forest, listening intently.
Fhaile says 'Time for us to begin our true task.'
Fhaile says 'As you know, the woods of the Realm must periodically be'
Fhaile says 'cleansed of unnatural and predatory forces.  It is a'
Fhaile says 'dangerous task, and not for the weak.  In the Forgotten'
Fhaile says 'Woods of the north, trees of various types have been'
Fhaile says 'animated to fight those who pass by.  They must be'
Fhaile says 'curtailed, or else they risk consuming all nearby life.'
Fhaile says 'Find the forest where they live, and slay 1 of each type'
Fhaile says 'of tree.  There are 16 different types of animated trees.'
Fhaile says 'When this is done, return to me.'



Quiet murmurs offers more hitpoints and mana than A crystalline teardrop or Maddening voices, the mainstay ranger ear wear, without the alignment restrictions of either. The teardrop offers a dexterity and a wisdom which are typically more valuable than the intelligence and charisma offered on the murmurs. Murmurs offers more DR than the typical choices, and provides mana regeneration. The cost reduction of locate object and wait time of mercuria are minimally beneficial to non-combat use of rangers. For a tank ranger The Relic of the Infinite has the same hitpoints, less dr, but provides a valuable constitution point. Arguably the Relic is much more difficult to obtain as this quest, though challenging, is soloable.

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