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A "death trap" refers to a scenario where one moves into a "room" and is
immediately awakened from death with no equipment or corpse. A corpse
recovery is not an option in this case as there is no corpse to retrieve.
There are also pseudo death traps that may appear to be a dt, but leave a 
corpse or transfer a corpse to another area. This is not a true dt. 
It is often advisable to look before one leaps and heed room descriptions.
DT's do not warrant a reimbursement, they are a part of the game. Gold, 
glory and favor are not affected by a death trap.


Deathtraps are special rooms that kill the player as soon as he walks in (or, in special circumstances, when he triggers an action) and remove the corpse with all the equipment. The corpse is then lost permanently, as the player cannot even supplicate for it.

There are other rooms that kill you on entrance but do not destroy the corpse. It is possible to recover the corpse from those rooms through supplication or actual retrieval. The method depends on each room.


There is a Deathtrap in the Village of Edo.

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