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  • ZMud: #4 s;w;#2 n;give 5000 coins receptionist;unlock n;open n;#3n;ne;n;ne;n;nw;enter;n;e;n;w;s;e;s;n;e
  • MUSHClient: #4s w 2n (give 5000 coins receptionist) (unlock n) (open n) 3n (ne) n (ne) n (nw) (enter) n e n w s e s n e
  • General: 4s, w, 2n, give 5000 coins receptionist, unlock n, open n, 3n, ne, n, ne, n, nw, enter, n, e, n, w, s, e, s, n, e


Dracolithos has lived in this painting for thousands of years, feeding on
those adventurers foolish or unlucky to end up in this wasteland. It
displays its pile of bone powder as one would show a trophy on their wall.
You begin to regret ever coming to the art gallery.


Run Instructions

Protective Spells


Dracolithos becomes a lot easier if you poison him and wait about 10 minutes (poison scrolls work well, though it can take many attempts for them to do so). His gas breath, which becomes quite mild, otherwise does about 400 dmg (even worse if you're not IP1). If you want to try him without waiting to poison him, you're going to need to bring more clerics. Keep your wimpy high (800). You'll need about 40 heals per kill to take on Draco.

Can easily IP8 with immobilize.