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* Favor: [[Sacrifice]] corpses.
* Favor: [[Sacrifice]] corpses.
* Avoid: Killing [[Human|Humans]].
* Avoid: Killing [[Human|Humans]].
* Deity is located in the Underwater maze in [[Crystalmir Lake]]

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A'enari (Good) Vl'aresch (Evil)
Bron'trel (Order) LaChte (Chaos)
Z'hyal (sun) Gre'Vos (moon)
Mak'kor (demons) Bael (death)
Sarane (feminism) Wirawyth (battle)
Estathius (neutrality) Tempus (war)
Kardis (sorrow) Adendra (faith)
Shivvan (sin) Sh'Vath (purity)
Ghordohl (wealth) Keltas (poor)
Kalerd (summer) Tirebaen (winter)
Cawyn (storms) Sil-Galith (mountains)
Masefi (wind) Grishnakh (orcs)

Arising from a piece of the fallen rainbow of A'enari and the charred ground left behind from Vl'aresch, Estathius embodies neutrality in its purest sense. Disdaining any involvement in the petty contentions about him, he keeps his council in abeyance. Only the greatest of struggles garner his notice. Seeing a balance in all things, he interferes only when he feels the balance of forces begins to take on a major shift. Estathius wishes only that all be in balance, believing that the world could not exist without the forces of both extremes.

Loving balance above all else, Estathius revels in sacrifices in his name. He hates the walking dead as they represent an unbalance between life and death. Thieves and the killers of his beloved humans are frowned upon in his worship. Believing the struggles between male and female to be disconcerting, Estathius accepts only those without gender.

Directions To Naos

  • ZMud: #6 s;ne;s;s;se;e;e;s;sw;sw;s;e;e;u;#3 e;ne;e;e;e;s;se;open n;n
  • MUSHClient: #6s (ne) 2s (se) 2e s 2(sw) s 2e u 3e (ne) 3e s (se) (open n) n
  • General: 6s, ne, 2s, se, 2e, s, 2sw, s, 2e, u, 3e, ne, 3e, s, se, open n, n


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