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You say 'Mystic Armor of Nidaros'
Morganna says 'Oh, yes yes yes, that is why you are here, of course!'
Morganna says 'Couldn't you have come at a better time, I have been so busy of late.'
Morganna looks at you, then answers herself before you can attempt to speak.
Morganna says 'It's ok, I suppose, I am always so busy.'
Morganna's face fills with a glimpse of pride
Morganna says 'Yes, I was one of the few Tyrrhenu tasked to hide the Mystic Armor.'
Morganna says 'Unfortunately, I left my niece to transport it for me to our destination,'
Morganna says 'Things did not go well for her. She was attacked en route! It was all so tragic.'
Morganna says 'You would have to ask her about any more details then that.'
Morganna peers out to the street, a sad look washes over her face
Morganna says 'I lost contact with my niece shortly after that.'
Morganna says 'I do hear occasional tales from passing merchants, that she has married a tradesman, and become a merchant herself.'
Morganna sighs aloud, thinking of the past.
Morganna says 'If you find her, tell her I miss her.'

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