Overlord Graajchzrakil

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|pop3 = a strand of corrosion
|pop3 = a strand of corrosion
|pop4 = traces of aspen and ash
|pop4 = traces of aspen and ash
|pop5 = pyriscence
|chars = 1 tank + 1 hitter, the more, the merrier.
|chars = 1 tank + 1 hitter, the more, the merrier.
|weapons = [[Nonmagical items|Nonmagical]]
|weapons = [[Nonmagical items|Nonmagical]]

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A gargantuan mass of swirling shadows absorbs all light with its presence.



  • Area: Shai'Ghool
  • Status: Aggressive
  • Alignment: Evil
  • Race: Unknown
  • Class: Unknown
  • Level Range: Unknown
  • Affected By: sanctuary, detect invis, detect hidden, immune magic


You see nothing special about it.


  • RoD: Scry/walk to "The Webs of Corrosion" area, then through the web to "The Last Token of Hope". This is the preparation room; Overlord Graaj is west.



Worn on legsclinging strips of parasite fungus
WieldedA blood-covered cleaver


  • Varies, less than 100,000 (?) coins 




  • He damages equipment every round or heals itself, beware of scrapping equipment/stripping maybe needed.
  • He gouges and uses gas breath, as well as substantial melee damage.
  • As stated above, he's immune to magic and magical weapons.
  • Fleeing moves you back to the web area. Scry and walk back to "The Last Token of Hope", but beware as the area is semi-shifting.
  • The entire area appears to be no-recall. Go back to the maze and find the way to Shivvan's room in Asgard Nexus, then recall.
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