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PRESTIGE MULTICLASS Please note: The prestige and multi-class option are new and in constant modification based on balance and other factors. Check back often for updates to this help file.

Prestige brings in the ability to do one of two options:

  • a single-class prestige character with higher power skills/spells.
  • a multi-class prestige character combined from 2 classes.

Note: * Bladesinger and Barbarian are currently unavailable for prestige.

Prestige single-class option:

  • Grants the ability to gain more powerful skills/spells of your class.
  • You will relevel from level 5.
  • Single class prestige: Vampire, Ranger, Augurer, Paladin, Nephandi, Fathomer

Prestige multi-class option:

  • The original character must be level 50 to enter prestige status.
  • Cleric Pantheon and Mage Path spells/skills are currently not available for

prestige secondary classes.

  • Your original class will be your primary class while your added class will be

your secondary class.

  • Primary skills will auto-adept, no experience is gained from them.
  • Secondary skills/spells require practicing and adepting and adept slower.
  • Skills that are inate to both primary and secondary adept at the normal rate.
  • While leveling the prestige class will be slower it can have larger gains in


  • There is a +1 to the primary stat of the secondary class - 26 max.
  • Available classes for multi-class: Mage, Cleric, Thief, Warrior, Druid
  • Race-class limitation still apply.
  • The primary class equipment list applies though specialty items will be


  • Guild membership is based on the primary class of the player.

See also: help class (more to come) See also: help 'multiclass skills spells'

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