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A'enariA'grenreA Balrog's Cape
A Barrik's cloak of darknessA Barrik's helmetA Barrik's sword
A Beastmans SpearA Black Knight's bladeA Black Knight's plate
A Bracer of LightA Calabarius-marked helm
A Camelot BibleA Carnifex priestA Cell key
A Clan Tree acornA Cloak of DemonsA Cloak of Light
A Cloak of ProtectionA Crucible of souls
A Dark StrideA Darkblade ring of DeathA Demon of Darkness
A DrintlaA Eurion iced teaA Faerie Trefoil
A Fate keyA Flaming FlailA Genoa sail
A Gnomish crafted metal potion containerA Golden Golem
A Guardian of MisfortuneA HUGE emeraldA HUGE ruby
A Helm of InvisibilityA Ho'chran pipeA Key to Light
A Kilt of bloodied skinsA Kontaur longsword
A Mask of a Thousand FacesA Methuselahs AmuletA Misinkii Blade
A Misinkii BowA Moment in NatureA Morgul halberd
A NajranA Narwhale rapierA Pharaoh's Ankh
A Pra'adA Rainbow's End roseA Rainbow Potion
A Ring of MagicA Scarlet HandkerchiefA Sch'ala
A Seal of ShadowsA Seal of the ChturhkA Shadow Blade
A Shadowport signet ringA ShadowsharkA Shaft of Light
A Shimmergloom pendantA Sigil of LawA Spiral Key
A Spirit GemA Staff of the MagiA Stone Golem
A Suit of Black Dragonhide ChainmailA T-handled bladeA Tiffany rose
A Torlynn helmetA Torlynn ringA V'raal staff
A VERY large diamondA Violent DeathA Vweara
A Withered BladeA Wraith Scimitar
A Zhaun-Takir medalA baby trollA backpack
A bagA bag containing 'potions of allure and intellect'A bag of semi-sweet charcoal
A bale of hayA ball of iceA ball of iridescent light
A baloth hideA baloth shellA bamboo canteen
A band of black opalA band of quicksilverA band of silver
A band of valourA banded ringA bandit
A bar of adamantiteA bar of gold
A bar of mithrilA bar of silverA bar of soap
A barbecued leg of yetiA barbed, moonsilver spearA barbed mancatcher
A bardicheA barrel of beerA basilisk's eye
A basketA bat clawA bat ring
A bat skullA battered iron helmetA battered scale
A battered scrollA battered shieldA battle-axe
A battle-axe (Otherland)A battle-axe (The Ashen Forest)A battle-worn helmet
A battle axeA battleaxeA bead necklace
A bead of lightA beaded leather thongA beaded necklace
A beaker of plentiful potionsA bear fur cloakA bearskin cloak
A beautiful blue coral pendantA beautiful bridesmaid's dressA beautiful dress of shifting colors
A beautiful glowing blue pendantA beautiful rinkhal snakeskinA beautiful scimitar
A beautifully crafted orange chess piece in the shape of a KingA beautifully crafted white chess piece in the shape of a KingA bedsheet
A beggar's potion of healingA beholder toothpickA belt of Wyvern teeth
A belt of birch barkA belt of rotting fleshA belt of sharp spikes
A belt pouchA belted waistcoatA beltpouch
A bent spoonA big chunk of beefA bill of sale
A billowing white capeA birch bark torchA black, brimmed hat
A black, studded leather corsetA black Doom insignia visorA black bat
A black belt crested with blood-crying skullsA black capeA black cape covered with filth
A black catA black chain and pentacleA black cloak with red lining
A black cowlA black dragon potionA black dragonscale hauberk
A black dragonspawnA black drow cloakA black glass rod
A black hilted sword called "Doomgiver"A black hilted sword called "Dragonslicer"A black hilted sword called "Townsaver"
A black hooded maskA black horseA black key
A black kite shieldA black knife with a gray hiltA black knight's visor
A black lace brassiereA black lacquered ringA black leather backpack
A black leather cordA black leather eyepatchA black leather hood
A black longswordA black marble ringA black metallic wristlet
A black onyx crystalA black pearlA black plate neckguard
A black potionA black robeA black rod
A black shirtA black silk beltA black silk cloak
A black silk g-stringA black silk robeA black staff
A black staff (Dragon Cult)A black staff (High Tower of Sorcery)A black steel broadsword
A black stick crowned with a skullA black tophatA black truncheon
A black woolen shawlA blackened, mangled beltA blackened-chip cookie
A blackened gourdA blackened maceA blackened shard named "Infinity"
A bladder of milkA bladder of seal milkA bladder with a sipping pipe
A blade of fireA blank piece of parchmentA blank scroll
A blank spellbookA blazing-blue sapphireA blazing gem eye
A blazing white surcoatA bleeding sackA blessed rod
A blessing of the starsA blind prophetA blood-covered cleaver
A blood-drenched scarfA blood-encrusted ringA blood encrusted sacrificial dagger
A blood red roseA bloodied candleA bloodied dwarf head
A bloodied piece of dragon hideA bloodstone collarA bloody eyepatch
A bloody keyA bloody sabreA bloody wolf head
A blue, glassy chainA blue-silver iron gorgetA blue dragon's claw
A blue ion stoneA blue metal chainA blue opal crystal
A blue scarfA blue steel helm and visorA blue stone amulet
A blue topaz gloveA blue velvet cloakA bo staff
A bodymesh of knotted ropeA bone-carved beltA bone-carved bracer
A bone-carved clawA bone-carved clubA bone-carved collar
A bone-carved daggerA bone-carved figurineA bone-carved helm
A bone-carved lanternA bone-carved longswordA bone-carved plate
A bone-carved ringA bone-carved spearA bone-carved whip
A bone-encrusted cloakA bone-reinforced cloakA bone-reinforced shield
A bone bladeA bone keyA bone necklet inlaid with gold
A bone swordA bony fingerA book of fairy tales
A boomerangA bottle of Tielton Valley Red wineA bottle of beer
A bottle of cheap wineA bottle of cherry wineA bottle of grog
A bottle of milkA bottle of pear brandyA bottle of water
A bottle of whiskeyA bound scrollA bouquet of wild flowers
A bowl of bear stewA bowl of bread doughA bowl of orc casserole
A bowl of stewA bowl of vegetable beef stewA bowl of warm mehtai
A bowstringA bracelet of bronze set with jadeA bracelet of ruby
A bracelet of small diamondsA bracer of barbed dragon spikesA bracer of fire
A bracer of the deep lodeA braided belt of fleshA braided rope belt
A braided thin-rope beltA branch covered in cinder residueA branch of the Wise-elf Tree
A branding ironA brass buckleA brass censer
A brass keyA braughton of ErstshireA bread
A brickA brigand's daggerA bright ball of light
A bright red potion with bursts of yellowA bright rubyA bright silver bracer
A bright yellow raincoatA brightly coloured kiteA brightly flaming stone
A brightly glowing shieldA brightly painted toy sailing boatA brittle wooden shoe
A broach of lifeA broadswordA broadsword named 'Aurora'
A broiled mackerelA broken blade edgeA broken bottle
A broken king crab clawA broken metal chainA broken moose antler
A broken sandalA broken silver chainA bronze bracer
A bronze golemA bronze plateA bronze ring
A bronze shieldA broomA broom (High Tower of Sorcery)

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