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A broken silver chainA bronze bracerA bronze golem
A bronze plateA bronze ringA bronze shield
A broomA broom (High Tower of Sorcery)A broom (The Dungeon)
A brown borer shellA brown capped fungiA brown cloak
A brown dragon staffA brown flask of revitalizationA brown leather bracelet
A brown leather scabbardA brown leather skullcapA brown potion
A bubble pipeA bucket of waterA bulette carapace shield
A bunch of black beansA bunch of purple grapesA bunch of stakes
A bunch of white beansA bundle of bark, covered in branches and sapA bundle of dry roots
A bundle of woolA burlap sackA burned Cadbury chocolate bar
A burnished metal keyA burnt spellbookA burnt staff
A butter yellow blouseA cake made with fruit and nutsA calico cat
A camouflaged flaskA camouflaging capeA canary
A candlestickA canoeA canvas apron
A cape of yeti furA captain's hookA captured adventurer
A carafe of Muselich specialty white wineA carafe of respine teaA carved silver band
A carved wooden ringA carved wooden stickA caterwaul
A catoblepas tuskA ceremonial arrowA chain bracer
A chainmail shirtA chameleon ponchoA charm wristlet
A charred broad axeA chef's apronA chef's knife
A cherry pieA cherry red potionA child's doll
A chipmunkA chipped hammerA chocolate cake
A chocolate dipped strawberryA choker of spiked diamondsA chunk of black licorice
A chunk of dried meatA chunk of rotten fleshA chunk of salty pork
A circlet of twisted ivyA circlet of wildflowersA clam shell shield
A clay golemA clay pipeA clay plant pot
A clean white troll peltA clear, white crystalA clear flask of liquid
A clear potionA clear stoneA cloak made of Calumpy's fur
A cloak of dreamsA cloak of shifting coloursA cloak of spirits
A cloaked figureA cloth covered journalA cloth diaper
A cloth golemA cloth shirtA cloudy blue sash
A cloudy helix of nebulosityA clubA cluster of buttercups
A coal black vialA coat of bone plateA coat of durable wyvern hide
A coconut braA cod filetA coil of rope
A coiled cat-tail whipA coin purseA cold stone key
A collieA colorful parrotA colourful belt
A colourful scarfA comet's tailA commander's helm
A common robeA commoner's longswordA compact crossbow
A cook's apronA cooked turkeyA copper bracelet
A copper diskA copper hammerA copper ladle
A copper lanternA copper ringA copper tooth
A coral monkeyA cord of braided ropeA corkscrew
A corpseA couple lady slippersA cowhide whip
A crab fisherA cracked and splintered bone.A cracked monocle
A crayfish shellA cream-colored sashA creature of chaos
A crested key of blue metalA crested shieldA crimson antidote
A crimson ruby star amulet of Tay al-ArdA crimson steel helm and visorA crinkled parchment
A crocodile clawA cross-hilted daggerA cross shaped key
A crown of flowersA crown of jewelsA crown of lotus petals
A crown of oak leaves and twigsA crucifix crested ringA crude bronze bell
A crude tarnished sabreA crude torchA crudely barbed spear
A crudely forged axeA crumpetA crunchy cockroach
A crystal dragon's clawA crystal dragon bracerA crystal key
A crystal monocleA crystal of healingA crystal of rainbow light
A crystal pixie wingA crystal potionA crystal rapier
A crystal shard of DoomA crystalline teardropA cuir-bouilli breastplate
A cuir-bouilli helmetA cup of coffeeA cup of lemonade
A cup of teaA curved scimitarA curved scimitar (Blasted Lands)
A curved scimitar (Cursed Lands)A curved scimitar (High Tower of Sorcery)A dancing sword
A dark, ever shifting beltA dark-tipped mushroomA dark black cloak
A dark blue potionA dark buckskin tunicA dark cowl
A dark elf bracerA dark grey, hooded cloakA dark grey potion
A dark horned helmetA dark leather beltA dark red hooded robe
A dark red jarA darkened, blemished skeleton keyA darkened yellow beak
A dazzling, bright lightA dazzling sapphire ringA dead cloaker
A deadly ridged breastplateA deadly spearA death blade with Rage's mark
A decanter of magicA deck of playing cardsA deep blue diaphanous veil
A deep blue lapis lazuliA deep fried cricketA deep green potion
A deep green robeA deep red ring of the underworldA deep red stone
A deerskin pouchA defeathered chickenA delicate pickaxe
A delicate ring of garnet petalsA delicate silver braceletA delicate silver mirror
A demon-faced talismanA demonic cowlA demonkine
A demonskin ankle bracerA dense wooden bracer wrapped in leatherA densely formed, flat stone
A deranged personA desert roseA devilish talisman
A diamond encrusted eyepatchA diaphanous cloakA dirk
A dirty, black vestA dirty, silver keyA dirty brown troll pelt
A dirty flannel shirtA dirty keyA dirty radish
A dirty rag dollA dirty sackA dirty set of robes
A dirty shovelA dirty sockA discarded sandal
A dishdashaA divining stickA dog-earred earring
A dog collarA door keyA double bladed Barbarian's axe
A dragon's tooth knifeA dragon-scale visorA dragon-skin belt
A dragon armbandA dragon fangA dragon hide war mask
A dragon orbA dragon skin braceletA dragon tailed whip
A dragonscale ankletA dragonscale breastplateA dragonscale girth
A dragonscale helmetA dragonscale shieldA dragonskin
A dram of grealA dram of maschaA dram of vroon
A dress of tanned leatherA drill tipA drop of Valkyrie blood
A drop of sunlight, encased within a glass bubbleA drow childA drow holy symbol
A druish staffA drulnaA dry saltine
A dull grey stoneA dull iron keyringA dulled longsword
A dusty veilA dwarven pole-axeA faded tweed jacket
A fallohide's cloakA fallohide's leather breechesA fallohide's leather cap
A fallohide's pipeweed pouchA fallohide's waist sashA fan
A fang filled with venomA farmer's longjohnsA fat fish
A fate banshee's pouchA feather dusterA feathered talisman
A ferocious griffonA few acornsA few blue asters
A few broken reedsA few drams of coffee grindsA few drams of mei'ra beans
A few drams of tea leavesA few drams of v'lon grindsA few leaves of wild cabbage
A few rat droppingsA few scraps of soapA few strips of venison
A few wooden blocksA field mouseA fierce crocodile
A fierce looking battle-axeA fierce looking wooden clubA fiery dagger
A fiery green emeraldA fiery orange potionA filet of haddock
A filthy loinclothA filthy robe adorned with primitive charmsA filthy rucksack
A fine draught of imported dwarven aleA fine handaxeA fine mace
A fine meshed chainmail shirtA fine scimitarA fine silk doublet
A fine turbanA finely crafted suit of black mesh armourA finely crafted toy bow
A finely engraved platinum necklaceA finger sandwichA fire crystal
A fireburst flowerA fish-ka-bobA fish head
A fishbone hair combA fisher crab filamentA fisherman's hat
A fishermans creelA fishhookA fishing pole
A fishing pole cut from thick reedA fishing spearA flail of shimmering silver
A flame lanceA flame red capeA flamethrower's stick
A flaming blue axeA flaming greatswordA flaming pike
A flaming swordA flaming torchA flared bladed iron spear

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