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A flask filled with seawaterA flask of blackberry wineA flask of cod liver oil
A flask of elf-bloodA flask of fish oilA flask of gutbuster
A flask of holy waterA flesh golemA floral print jumpsuit
A floral printed apronA flowing forest-green silk gownA flowing purple robe
A fluffy black sheepA fluffy hyrax peltA fluffy white sheep
A flying broomA flying squirrelA flying squirrel (Major Oak)
A flying squirrel (Treetops and Canopy)A forest green cloakA forest green quilt
A forest green tunicA forest thiefA fork
A fossilized raptor clawA fossilized raptor toothA fossilized shell fragment
A four wheel cartA foxpeltA fractured, steel plate
A fragile, weaved basketA fragment of the Stone of FalA frayed string of leaves
A fresh elf brainA fresh fish filetA freshly caught ocean perch
A freshly cut purple lupinA frilly blue pinaforeA frilly blue satin suit
A frilly maid's bonnetA frilly pink robeA fringed gray robe
A frog's tongueA frost giantA frosted cupcake
A frosty roseate ringA frozen deer carcassA frozen squirrel
A fuliginous orbA fungoid lozengeA fur-lined black cloak
A fur lined coatA fur lined tunicA fur skin cap
A furry batA gale of forest leavesA gardening hoe
A gem-encrusted turbanA gem encrusted dog collarA ghostly, torn green dress
A ghostly wizard's hoodA ghostly wizard robeA giant, silver hammer
A giant OctopusA giant antA giant bastard sword named 'Enduring Might'
A giant hammerA giant ratA giant stone tooth
A gilded carpetA gilded chastity beltA gilded gold breast plate
A ginger sconeA girdle of giant strengthA girth of mangled hide
A gith youthA githyanki guardianA githyanki hunter
A githyanki knightA githyanki protectorA githyanki warrior
A glass ampule pendantA glass bracerA glass dragonfly wing
A glass helmA glass jugA glass of blue oasis
A glass of brandyA glass of mighty fine wineA glass of sasparilla
A glass of sparkling spring waterA glass of sparkling white wineA glass of strawberry wine
A glass of violet wineA glass of wineA glass plate
A glass shieldA glass thermoscopeA glass trinket
A glazed donutA gleaming-jade gemstoneA gleaming bone buckler
A gleaming red clawA glinting leaf of silverA glinting ring of silver
A glinting silver braceletA glinting silver chainA glistening white stone pendant
A glittering diamondA glob of green slimeA glob of multicolored slime
A glob of orange slimeA glowing beaconA glowing beaker of liquid
A glowing black potionA glowing blue potionA glowing blue vial
A glowing crystalA glowing keyA glowing maroon potion
A glowing necklaceA glowing puce potionA glowing purple potion
A glowing red pentagramA glowing sanguine potionA glowing sword
A glowing violet potionA gnarled magius staffA gnarled sceptre
A gnarled staffA gnarled staff (Wyvern's Tower)A gnome
A gnome (Tower of Lithos)A gnome childA gnome child (Female)
A gnome child (Male)A gnome guardA gnome man
A gnome prisonerA gnome scientistA gnome sword
A gnome womanA goblet of finest crystalA goblin-sticker
A goblin bone necklaceA goblin brainA goblin knife
A goblin legA goblin pot pieA gold, skull ring
A gold Xvart idolA gold barA gold buckle
A gold buckled beltA gold chain braceletA gold dragon's claw
A gold earringA gold keyA gold lamp
A gold nuggetA gold ringA gold ring set with jade
A gold sunA gold wedding bandA golden axe
A golden braidA golden brown capped fungiA golden chalice
A golden daggerA golden diskA golden dragon statuette
A golden dragonscale shieldA golden dragonscale torsoA golden earring named 'Wind Whisperer'
A golden fluteA golden gownA golden helm and visor
A golden holy symbolA golden keyA golden locket
A golden necklaceA golden ring, strung upon a necklaceA golden ring encrusted with diamonds
A golden short swordA golden torqueA golden wand
A gopher tailA granite boulderA granite golem
A grappling hookA grass skirtA gravedigger's muddy robe
A gravedigger's spadeA graverobber's chiselA greasy menu
A greasy ogre sausageA great eagleA green-glowing sword
A green capA green emerald crystalA green frog
A green glass decanterA green keyA green leather mask
A green leather vestA green potionA green velvet skirt topped by a gold trimmed bodice
A grey, woolen capeA grey catA grey dress
A grey keyA grey robeA grey silk robe
A grey wool robeA griffon featherA griffon lantern
A grime covered helmetA grizzly looking troll hide mask
A grooved skinning knifeA grouper filletA gryphon etched ear cuff
A gryphonriderA guard's waistfleshA guardian scarecrow
A gypsum monkeyA hairpinA halberd
A halfling's glassesA halfling-hair beltA hand-carved cross
A hand-carved pipeA hand axeA handful of berries
A handful of blinding sandA handful of colourful beadsA handful of daisies
A handful of frozen strawberriesA handful of gemstonesA handful of grain
A handful of kindlingA handful of magical soilA handful of pine needles
A handful of used bandagesA handmade dwarven axeA handyman's shovel
A hardened metal caseA hastily written scroll entitled 'qcandusahz yucandus'A haversack
A head of cabbageA head of lettuceA headdress of white pearls
A headstone's stolen plaqueA heap of rotting corpsesA heart-shaped box
A heart shaped medallionA heavy anklet made of ironA heavy crossbow
A heavy gnollish longbowA heavy iron beamA heavy iron key
A heavy oak clubA heavy ring of ironA heavy rolling pin
A heavy steel keyA heavy wooden clubA heavy wooden crate
A heavy woolen cloakA heavy woolen robeA hefty axe
A hefty fangA hefty tinker hammer named "blam-blam"A hellish creation
A helm made from a dragon's skullA helmet with a four-foot spikeA highland Braughton
A highland bucklerA hobgoblin minerA hollow scorpion carapace with many legs attached
A hollowed-out skullA hollowed out animal hornA holocaust cloak
A holstered beltA holy grailA holy staff of Dumathoin
A hooded, blue robe with the Khiurn'hai crestA hoop of flowing waterA hoopak
A horned helmA horned helmetA horned minotaur helm
A horseA hot potionA huge, wicked-looking scythe
A huge ash bowA huge bloodied clubA huge crossbow
A huge halberdA huge mace named "Dawnbringer"A huge mithril mace
A huge morningstarA huge pedipalpA huge roc
A huge shield of oakA huge spiked clubA huge stirring spoon
A huge stone golemA huge tower shieldA human prisoner
A human roastA humming keyA humming yellow potion
A hunk of cheeseA hunk of pink crystalA hunting bow
A hunting knifeA hurricane helmetA jade bracelet
A jade cameoA jade green necklace of poison protectionA jade necklace
A jagged iron shortswordA jagged shark toothA jailer's belt
A jar of berry preservesA jar of red mudA jar of sour pickles
A jar of whale fatA jeweled bracelet of baloth hideA jeweled dagger
A jewelled keyA kava rootA key of Honor
A key on a loop of thin chainA khaftehA khaki ankle-length skirt
A khawariA king scorpionA kirre horn
A knavish bullyA knobby clubA kopesh sword
A kraken's eyeA ladle of camel milkA lamia collar

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