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A large broken iron gearA large bucketA large chunk of meat
A large clubA large compassA large dwarven battle axe
A large dwarven shieldA large glass reliquaryA large guisarme
A large iron sprocketA large jug of brackish waterA large keg of ale
A large keyA large key (Eastern Trade Route)A large key (Thul Ab'hara)
A large leaf covered in thick yellow sapA large leather quiver engraved with the Bishop's symbolA large marble bust of the Goddess Nae'trelle
A large meaty boneA large mithril mace named 'Minotaur Masher'A large pale green star sapphire
A large piece of branch entwined barkA large piece of marble in the shape of a human torsoA large piece of matted fur
A large piece of woodA large poleaxe named 'Gertrude'A large portion of thick metal plate armor
A large rack of braised yakA large ramA large ruby
A large rune covered symbol named, 'Redemption'A large stone bladed bastard sword named "Worms Tooth"A large storage bin
A large strip of bugbear furA large strip of leatherA large strip of polished wood
A large strip of salted beefA large strip of the tarrasque's hideA large strip of thick tree bark
A large strip of timbermaw magnoth hideA large tarnished iron keyA large troll
A large waterskinA large wooden crateA laundry basket
A lavender and green stoneA leaf of ointmentA leaky quill
A leather-bound cookbookA leather-hilted broadswordA leather archer's bracer
A leather beltA leather bound diaryA leather bracer
A leather cloakA leather jerkinA leather neckband
A leather pouchA leather quiverA leather shirt
A leather strapA leather vestA leather vest (Florin)
A leather vest (The Shire)A leather waterskinA leather whip
A leatherworker's awlA leathery piece of dragon scaleA leathery piece of troll hide
A left gauntlet of red ironA leg of orcA length of corpse hair
A length of silky pink ribbonA lice infested capA light green dress
A light grey vialA light silver daggerA lightweight shield of Cold Blue
A linked bone wristguardA lion-crested beltA lion-crested bracer
A lion-crested helmA lion-crested neck guardA lion-crested plate
A lizard skin cloakA loaf of breadA loaf of fresh bread
A loaf of gray breadA lock of hairA lodestone
A long, battle-worn swordA long, black Doom insignia capeA long, black leather coat
A long, black studded leather skirtA long, brown robe with the Khiurn'hai crestA long, curved dagger
A long, curved sabreA long, deadly icicleA long, dirty grey robe marked with the Khiurn'hai insignia
A long, engraved sword named "Dwarfbane"A long, grey branchA long, hunter's knife
A long, pointed cutlassA long, silver sabreA long, strange spear
A long-handled pitchforkA long-handled shovelA long black cloak
A long black hooded robeA long cylindrical tubeA long grey cloak
A long hooded cloakA long hunting knifeA long leather cord
A long leather whipA long pikeA long slim dagger
A long stalk of bambooA long strand of seaweedA long strip of dried venison
A long strip of slimy fleshA long swordA long sword (Great Eastern Desert)
A long sword (High Tower of Sorcery)A long thick reedA longbow
A longswordA loop of dried mudA loop of gold wire
A lost adventurerA lost pageA lot of rags
A lump of coalA lump of decaying fleshA lunatic's joybuzzer
A lunatic's kiltA luxurious fur cloakA mage
A magical axeA magical flying carpetA magical sword
A magical tabletA magical tablet of disclosureA magician's hat
A mahogany staff named 'Divine Solemnity'A major globe of invulnerabilityA mangled piece of dragon hide
A manifestation of darknessA mantle with a star shaped emblemA many-notched axe
A marble-chipped bracerA mariner's astrolabeA maroon scarf
A masked raccoonA massive, horned gorgondian lizardA massive black egg
A massive blast of fireA massive boaA massive club
A massive golden keyA massive horned beastA massive orangutan
A massive two handed warclubA meat cleaverA meat cleaver (High Tower of Sorcery)
A meat cleaver (Old Thalos)A medium-sized yew bowA medusa tentacle
A menacing granitic bladeA merchantA merchant's cart
A merchant's dinnerA messenger of the godsA metal gate key
A metal helmetA metal strong boxA metal wand
A metal wand (High Tower of Sorcery)A metal wand (The Dungeon)A metallic blue potion
A midnight black hauberkA mijwizA milky white potion
A miner's hammerA miniature claw hammerA mining lamp
A mining pickA mining shovelA minor globe of invulnerability
A minotaur fur cloakA minotaur glaiveA mismatched shirt
A mithril axeA mithril bracerA mithril breastplate
A mithril girthA mithril hammerA mithril helm
A mithril keyA mithril maceA mithril thistle blade
A moldy piece of cakeA moleskin sleeve patchA monkey tooth necklace
A monocle made from an eagle eyeA monocle of foresightA monstrous swordfish
A moon shaped amuletA moonsilver mantle and hauberkA moonstone on a platinum chain
A mopA moray eelA morning cloud star amulet of Tay al-Ard
A mother birdA mottled ponchoA mound of dirt
A mound of unchopped logsA mound of wet clayA mountain climber's boots
A mountain lionA mug of aleA mug of ale (Azure Sea)
A mug of ale (New Darkhaven)A mug of beerA mug of cheap ale
A mug of dwarven aleA mug of dwarven holy waterA mug of hma'ali
A mug of strong teaA multi-colored key ringA multifaceted diamond earring
A mummified earA murky green potionA mushroom
A mutton chopA mysterious talismanA mystical amulet
A mystical wooden maskA nazgul cloakA nazgul ring of power
A necklace made from the mane of the beastA necklace made from the mane of the beast (evil/neutral)A necklace of raven feathers
A necklace of rotten teethA necklace of shattered crystalA necklace of soul stealing
A neon blue potionA newt eggA nightgaunt's tickler
A nightshirtA ninja giA nip of Nooracht
A nip of VermeirA noble's longswordA noble cape
A notched axeA noteA nub of Breadl
A nun's habitA nutA one-horned helm
A packet of eel extractA padded woolen gambesonA padlock
A page from Abishai's journalA paint brushA paintbrush
A pair of DrulnochtA pair of GorogglesA pair of Sphinx leggings
A pair of agate earringsA pair of antique lace glovesA pair of battle hardened leg guards
A pair of black, high heel bootsA pair of black Doom insignia armguardsA pair of black and white checkered leggings
A pair of black leather pantsA pair of black leather sleevesA pair of black minotaur greaves
A pair of black minotaur vambracesA pair of black shoesA pair of black steel shinguards
A pair of blue pants with holes in the kneesA pair of blue steel greavesA pair of blue steel vambraces
A pair of bone-carved bootsA pair of bone-carved gauntletsA pair of bone-carved leggings
A pair of bone-carved sleevesA pair of boots made of soft leatherA pair of bracers
A pair of brown fur-lined glovesA pair of brown trousersA pair of cheap plaid pants
A pair of chipmunk fur mocassinsA pair of clogs made of Black Forest barkA pair of cloth pants
A pair of coconut shellsA pair of comfortable leather bootsA pair of crimson leggings
A pair of crimson steel greavesA pair of crimson steel vambracesA pair of dancing slippers
A pair of deadly ridged leggingsA pair of diamond earringsA pair of dirty socks
A pair of disembodied eyesA pair of disembodied handsA pair of dragon skin gloves
A pair of dragonscale arm-guardsA pair of dragonscale bootsA pair of dragonscale greaves
A pair of duck bootsA pair of feathered earringsA pair of field boots
A pair of fine sandalsA pair of fingerless leather glovesA pair of fur covered boots
A pair of fur lined bootsA pair of fur lined boots (The Peaks of Tar'pa Cithm)A pair of furry slippers
A pair of gauntletsA pair of glass bracersA pair of glass leggings
A pair of gnome bootsA pair of golden bracersA pair of golden gauntlets
A pair of golden leggingsA pair of huge cestiA pair of imperial plate boots
A pair of imperial plate glovesA pair of imperial plate leggingsA pair of jade gauntlets
A pair of jester shoesA pair of knee-high moccasinsA pair of knee high boots
A pair of kneehigh buckskin bootsA pair of leather bootsA pair of leather chaps
A pair of leather glovesA pair of leather sandalsA pair of linked, green monkeys
A pair of lion-crested bootsA pair of lion-crested leg guardsA pair of long black boots

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