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A pair of golden gauntletsA pair of golden leggingsA pair of huge cesti
A pair of imperial plate bootsA pair of imperial plate glovesA pair of imperial plate leggings
A pair of jade gauntletsA pair of jester shoesA pair of knee-high moccasins
A pair of knee high bootsA pair of kneehigh buckskin bootsA pair of leather boots
A pair of leather chapsA pair of leather glovesA pair of leather sandals
A pair of linked, green monkeysA pair of lion-crested bootsA pair of lion-crested leg guards
A pair of long black bootsA pair of long white glovesA pair of minotaur combat gloves
A pair of mithril bootsA pair of mithril gauntletsA pair of old boots
A pair of ornately designed gauntletsA pair of oven mittsA pair of padded leather boots
A pair of pearl earringsA pair of razor sharp, metal clawsA pair of razor sharp, metal claws named 'Crucifiers'
A pair of reading glassesA pair of red steel greavesA pair of red steel vambraces
A pair of reddish leggingsA pair of riding boots complete with spursA pair of rose tinted eyeglasses
A pair of rotting leather glovesA pair of rounded, metal pliersA pair of sai
A pair of sandalsA pair of scorpion carapace glovesA pair of shadowy metallic leggings
A pair of shredded leggingsA pair of silver shearsA pair of silvery gloves
A pair of small eagle talonsA pair of snug winter bootsA pair of spectacles
A pair of spiked gauntletsA pair of splint mail sleevesA pair of splint metal sleeves
A pair of stained underwearA pair of stiltsA pair of stitched hide boots
A pair of studded leather glovesA pair of studded leather pantsA pair of studded leather sleeves
A pair of sturdy, shined bootsA pair of sturdy leather bootsA pair of stylish black boots
A pair of suave green shoesA pair of supple leather bootsA pair of tabi boots
A pair of thick leather bootsA pair of thick skinned sleevesA pair of tight tweed pants
A pair of torn stockingsA pair of translucent sylph wingsA pair of traveling boots
A pair of tribal war bootsA pair of white velvet glovesA pair of wire rimmed spectacles
A pair of woolen trousersA pale blue ringA pale blue stone
A pale brown mushroomA pale green circletA pale green star amulet of Tay al-Ard
A pale yellow dressA parchment inscribed with an eyeA pat of butter
A patch of grassA patchwork fur robeA patchwork robe
A pearl-hilted daggerA pearl-hilted dagger (new)A pearl-hilted dagger (old)
A pearl wandA pearly white stoneA peasant blouse
A pecan crusted chocolate truffle pieA peddler's vial of virtueA pendant with a silver heart
A pendant with a silver skullA periapt of healthA phial of darkness
A phial of rebirthA piece of Crystal Dragon hideA piece of Topaz dragon hide
A piece of a black dragon's hideA piece of a gold dragon's hideA piece of a red dragon's hide
A piece of a white dragon's hideA piece of an old rune, entitled 'defense'A piece of an old rune, entitled 'gateway'
A piece of an old rune, entitled 'protection'A piece of an old rune, entitled 'symbol'A piece of an old rune, entitled 'the unknowable'
A piece of an old rune, entitled 'warrior'A piece of aromatic barkA piece of black dragon's hide
A piece of cheesecakeA piece of dragonhideA piece of hide from a blue dragon
A piece of hooked platingA piece of myrrhA piece of rusting metal
A piece of smoked eelA piece of spied, dried meatA piece of string
A piece of the tarrasque's hideA piece of torn skinA pigskin helmet
A pile of dustA pilosA pinch of Frai'scha
A pinch of Mei'rA pinch of OccadaalA pinch of Qu'ari
A pinch of SaabraA pinch of oradanA pinch of purple loosestrife
A pinch of sanative herbA pine coneA pinecone
A pink lucky dragon's footA pink potionA pintsleeve of dwarven ale
A pipeweed breadA pirate's scimitarA pit fiend
A pitch-black nightmareA pitch-black onyx gemstoneA pitch black cloak
A pitchforkA pitchfork (Old Pottswort's Fields)A pitchfork of demonic torture
A plaid cotton apronA plaid cotton handkerchiefA plaid smoking jacket
A plain gold wedding ringA plain iron ring
A plain shortbread cookieA plain steel knifeA plain wooden pipe
A plate of bacon and eggsA plate of bbq chicken wingsA plate of eggs and toast
A plate of roast beef and potatoes smothered in rich brown gravyA plate of sauteed salmon with wild riceA platinum coin stamped 'the luck of the Gods'
A platinum wandA playful lambA pocket-knife
A pointed stickA poison tipped arrowA polished brass helm
A polished girth of platinumA polished girth of silverA polished malachite egg
A polished platinum helmetA polished platinum spiked shieldA polished red and blue signet ring
A polished silver caneA polished stoneA polished wood ring
A poniard of gloryA poor soulless beingA porcelain bowl
A porcupine quillA portion of a Basilisk's heartA portion of brass platemail
A portion of iron platemailA portion of steel platemailA pot of brown mud
A pot of rabbit stewA potatoA potion of energy
A potion of invocationA potion of life healingA potion of purple crocus extract
A potion of rejuvenationA potion of restorationA potion of soul
A pouch of purple clothA pouch of reinforced chainmailA powdered wig
A prickly circlet of vineA priest of Khiurn'haiA primitive key
A prism wandA prison gemA pumice stone
A purple cloakA purple crocusA purple potion
A pyrolichA python hide capeA quart of ale
A quart of port brewA quartz crystal on a braided lanyardA quartz monkey
A quicksilver potionA quillA quill pen
A quilled porcupine skinA rabbit powder puffA rabbit roast
A raccoon maskA radiant-red rubyA radiant garnet
A rainbow ankletA rainbow pendant of LaurienessA ram's horn
A rampaging gryphonA rampaging gryphon(One pearl)A rat fur cloak
A rat tailA ratty grey labcoatA ravaged looking black silk cape
A raw salmon steakA rawhide slingA razor
A razor sharp scalpelA recall scrollA red and blue belt
A red and blue neckguardA red belt of ChaosA red belt of Chaos (new)
A red cone hatA red dragon's clawA red dragon wand
A red dragonhelmA red peaked capA red ruby crystal
A red satin sashA red silk scarfA red steel helm and visor
A red swathe of dirty wet robesA reddish keyA reef wraith sting
A reef wraith vialA revealing grey robeA revelation key
A rhinoceros hide war maskA rhodium braceletA rhodium necklace
A rhubarb stalkA riding stickA right gauntlet of red iron
A ring of SolaceA ring of blue steelA ring of gnarled wood
A ring of hauntingA ring of poison protectionA ring of sparkling silver
A ring of spider silkA ring of the king's navyA rinkhal walking staff
A ripped and bloodied tunicA ripped piece of dragon hideA roast pelican
A robe of the winterA rock containing copper oreA rock containing gold ore
A rock containing silver oreA rock worm casqueA roll of clean bandages
A roll of feathery beige fabricA rolling pinA rose-hilted dagger
A rotten kiwiA rotting animal carcassA rough, camel hair robe
A rough buckram robeA roughly cut emeraldA roughly cut ruby
A round, blue stoneA round stoneA round stone(1)
A rounded, flat stoneA royal purple staffA ruby-hilted bloody dagger
A ruby encrusted necklaceA ruby monkeyA ruby pendant
A ruby ringA ruby sabreA ruby set in a platinum wristlet
A rumpled skirtA rune-covered bagA rune-inscribed crystal
A rune-inscribed pillA rune axeA rune covered dagger
A rune covered key named, 'Deliverance'A rune daggerA rune sword
A runed chiselA runed keyA runed silver ring
A rusted, metal key with the Ravenell crestA rusted iron halberdA rusted shovel
A rusty band of silverA rusty keyA rusty machete
A rusty scytheA rusty shieldA rusty sword
A sackA sack of loot and gloryA sacred scroll
A sacrificial daggerA sailbagA sailor's earring
A sailor's hatA salamander's tongueA salted cracker
A sanctuary potionA sand-filled turbanA sapphire amulet, bearing the Tyrrhenu emblem
A sapphire ringA sash of the magiA satchel of dark demon flesh
A satchel of rotten hideA savoury jaffleA savrathi battleshield
A savrathi blindfoldA scale of the LeviathanA scarab pendant
A scarlet red beltA scarlet red belt (old)A scarlet shirt

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