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A young apprentice magic userA young crystal dragonA young girl
A young mageA young pikemanA zinnor fork
AbattoirAbattoir AsylumAbbatotine ceremonial charm
AbdielAbdiel's ring of holy flameAbishai's Morgue
Abishai's secret journalAbolitionAbsolution
Acayn, the dark magicianAcetum PrimusAcetum primus
AcumenAdamantAdamantium plate armor
AdendraAdendra's rainbow elixirAdhere
Aerial MobilityAffected
Aggressive mobAggressive styleAid
Aido WedoAir Sprite
AlertnessAlignmentAlluvrian Horror
Along the Forest PathAlpha wolf's bloodAlpha wolf, The
AmbrosiaAmisit, the LostAmmit
Amnis UmbraAmon, the Hideous One
Amory, a former priest of the Goddess of InnocenceAmphitriteAmulet of the moon
An Amulet of the Inconnu (new)An Amulet of the Inconnu (old)An Avierra
An Elven wizard's robeAn Elvenstone earringAn Elvish Cloak
An Ofcol Signet ringAn OqairAn abacus
An abandoned mineAn ace up Playername's sleeveAn acorn
An adamantite golemAn adventurerAn aged wizard
An airy gossamer sashAn alligator hide war maskAn alloy claw
An amazon spearAn amber pearlAn amber potion
An amethystAn amethyst gaucheAn ammonite shell
An amulet of dragon teeth on a mithril chainAn amulet of dragon teeth on a silver chainAn amythyst monkey
An ancient charmAn ancient crystal dragonAn ancient dagger
An ancient diamond broochAn ancient golden harpAn ancient mask
An ancient silver coinAn ancient staff of blue stoneAn ancient sword enscribed with the name Aristeide
An animal hide waterskinAn animated skeletonAn animated suit of brass plated armor
An animated suit of iron plated armorAn ankhegAn ankheg shell
An ankle bracer of mobilityAn ankle shackleAn anti-death elixir
An antique, wooden longbowAn antique silver helmAn antler sling
An appleAn aquamarineAn aquamarine locket
An aquamarine ringAn arcane bracer of DoomAn archaic bracer
An archer of TahjlieraAn arctic kirre hideAn armored clay Golem
An ash flatbow of the Southern Mountain TribeAn ashen black robeAn ashen wand
An assistantAn automated mechanical armorerAn autumn leaf
An avatar's scrollAn azure bracerAn azure potion
An ear of cornAn ear tuftAn earring of GlassWalker bone
An earthen cup of sweetened teaAn earthen urnAn earthworm cake
An ebony staffAn eel skin whipAn effervescent potion
An eggAn elaborately decorated compass roseAn electric shield
An electrum swordAn elegant robe of the winterAn elemental staff of earthquake
An elemental staff of wind and airAn elemental veilAn elemental wand of fire
An elemental wand of lightningAn elf torsoAn elfskin cape
An elixir of protectionAn elixir of visionAn elven bow
An elven quarterstaffAn elven rune swordAn embroidered headband of golden satin
An embroidered robeAn embroidered vestAn emerald and sapphire necklace
An emerald braceletAn emerald hairpinAn emerald morningstar
An emerald ringAn emerald swordAn empty flask
An empty ring settingAn enchanted drow longswordAn enchanted drow mace
An encrypted scrollAn engraved ebony sealAn enormous bloody wing
An enormous winged beastAn ethereal bladeAn ethereal helm
An evil, old manAn evil gishAn evil key
An evil looking black daggerAn evil night hagAn executioner's mask
An exomisAn exotic-looking mushroomAn exquisite golden locket
An exquisite orchidAn extradimensional portalAn extravagantly jeweled crown
An extremely old bottle of scotch whiskeyAn extremely sharp and thin swordAn eyeball
An herb of greater magicksAn herb of rejuvenationAn herb of renewal
An herbal brewAn herbal packAn ice blue vial
An ice cold glass of lemonadeAn icicleAn icicle staff
An icy brainAn icy crystalline circlet
An icy girthAn icy metal flange maceAn icy plate
An icy scimitarAn icy white cloakAn imperial chest plate
An imperial city guard signet ringAn imperial cloakAn imperial helm
An imperial maceAn imperial shieldAn imperial sword
An imperial war bannerAn imprisoned githzeraiAn incandescent blue stone
An infant shadowAn inky black potionAn inscribed dagger
An instructor of magicAn insubstantial ghostAn intricate key
An intricate treasury keyAn intricately carved keyAn intricately designed silver-grey cloak
An intricately stitched pair of pantsAn invisible stalkerAn iridescent circlet of scales
An iridescent glowing eyeAn iron-tipped javelinAn iron chamber pot
An iron crockAn iron crownAn iron dirk
An iron helmAn iron hookAn iron hook (Frugiil)
An iron hook (Make item)An iron ingotAn iron kite shield
An iron long swordAn iron longswordAn iron mask
An iron nasal helmAn iron sceptreAn iron shod staff
An ironshod quarterstaffAn ivory-handled pocketknifeAn ivory cane
An ivory hilted daggerAn ivory make-up compactAn ivory rapier
An ivory staffAn ivy wreathAn oaken club
An oarAn oat cakeAn obnoxious boy
An obsidian bracerAn obsidian cloakAn obsidian disk
An obsidian scytheAn obsidian statue of an Arabian stallionAn obsidian sword
An obsidian tiaraAn odd fungusAn odd looking gnomish contraption called 'blamblower backpack'
An odd looking gnomish contraption called 'blamblower nozzle'An odd purple potionAn odd slick packet
An odd wooden sculptureAn off-white gownAn off white potion
An officers swordAn official certificate of trainingAn official looking piece of parchment, bearing the Darkhaven seal
An ogre spearAn ogre war clubAn ogre warclub
An oil-lampAn oil lampAn old, decaying basket
An old, tattered mapAn old, worn bhanaAn old bronze key
An old bucketAn old cookAn old doll
An old fishing boatAn old keyAn old leather belt
An old scrollAn old stone shieldAn old suit of leather armor
An old tarnished metal keyAn old willow treeAn old wooden shield
An olive coloured shirtAn oma'anehAn omega shard
An onyx braceletAn onyx ringAn opal bracelet
An oracle of prescienceAn orange and black tiger stripeAn orange potion
An orange scarfAn orange sweaterAn orange wood lily
An orc daggerAn oriental rugAn ornate flask of Tielton's finest cabernet
An ornate keyAn ornate sapphire braceletAn ornate tankard
An ornately designed lacquered boxAn osprey featherAn osprey talon
An oversized work shirtAn owlbearAn ugly hummerhorn
An ugly skull of DracoAn ugly stuffed bearAn ugly witch
An undead giantAn undertunicAn unholy staff of Shimmergloom
An unused journalAnaesthAnbath
Ancestral strikeAncient brass arm guardsAndvarinaut
Anhur, God of WarAnimal empathy
Animate deadAnimated armourAnimus animositas
Ankh of ShadowsAnoint WeaponAnsweller
Antall, the Lost HarborAntimagic Shell
Apocalyptic VisionsApotheosis
AppraiseAqua breathAquaeforme

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