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The Breastplate of the RavagerThe Brigand's Cloak of ConcealmentThe Burgomaster
The BurrowsThe Cascading VortexThe Cat's Eye
The Cerement of the DamnedThe Charred Hide of the Daemon LordThe Chimera
The City of IniquityThe City of SalburgThe Cloak of Royalty
The Cloak of the Eternal WandererThe Colossal Maul of UpheavalThe Crimson Dagger
The Crystal LensThe Cuffs of DepravityThe Damned Plate of Mordred
The Dark ShadeThe Deck of Many ThingsThe Delasu armor plate
The Delasu helmThe Desert ArenaThe Devil
The DragonOrb of GealcathThe Dragon Claw of LegendThe Dragonhide Breastplate
The Dragonlord's Battle ArmorThe Drake ShieldThe Duke's robes
The DungeonThe Dunhill DemesnesThe Ebony Staff of Quantum Wrath
The Elder OrbThe Enchanted Battleplate of Malevolent MachinationsThe Enchanted Battleplate of Radiant Glory
The Enchanted Gauntlets of the Duer'ain ClanThe EnchanterThe Eye of the Beholder
The Face Shield of ValourThe Face of the ShadowThe Fewmaster's dagger
The Fire StationThe Fire god's bladeThe Flame of Entropy
The FoolThe Forgotten WoodsThe Gauntlet
The Gauntlet (item)The Giant Kraken
The Gift of SightThe Glyph of CreationThe Glyph of Destruction
The Gnomish Staff of HailFireThe Golden Armguards of ValianceThe Golden Claw
The Golden Dragon Tooth Amulet of the DaimyoThe Golden DragonclawThe Golden Gauntlet
The Golden Gauntlets of the Lost KingThe Grand MistressThe Graveyard
The Gray MouserThe Great AxeThe Great Defender of the Southern Mountain
The Great Protector of the Southern MountainThe Great Vanquisher of the Southern MountainThe Guild of Nature
The Guild of SpiritThe Halberd of the Naris Guard
The Halls of KnowledgeThe Halls of TrainingThe Hammer of Curdardh
The Happy Death OrbThe Haven of Everlasting LightThe Helm of Brutality
The Helm of DragonkindThe Helm of LightThe Hidden Key
The Holy AvengerThe Holy Cloak of PowerThe Horned Skull of the Daemon Lord
The Ice Arm GuardsThe Ice BreastplateThe Ice Earrings
The Ice GauntletsThe Ice GirthThe Ice Helm
The Ice LeggingsThe Ice OrbThe Ice Shoes
The Ice ToothThe ImpalerThe Inquisitor's Grasp
The Intrigues of the Miden'nirThe Iron Gauntlets of the DivinityThe Iron Hand of Kargoth
The Island of IrrybisThe JailorThe Jeweled Lance
The Jimminator!The Keep of BelialThe Keep of Mahn-Tor
The Key of Gr'stakaThe King's CastleThe Lamech Family Diamond
The Land of the LostThe Left Hand of the LawThe Librarian
The Lightning DragonThe Lily Covered Tabard of the Knight ProtectorThe Livery of the Sea King
The Lotus SanctuaryThe LunaticThe Mace of Goodness
The Mad AlchemistThe Mahn-Tor CatacombsThe Mantle of Curoi mac Daire
The Mantle of MalignanceThe Mark of the BeastThe Mask of Disfigurement
The Mask of the Master RogueThe Masque of ComedyThe Masque of Tragedy
The Matrix of DesolutionThe Maul of StoneThe Medal of Clan Freedom
The Medallion of FaithThe MireThe Mithril Hall citizen
The Mithril Hall clericThe Mithril Hall grocerThe Mithril Hall head cleric's staff
The Mithril Hall machine operatorThe Mithril Hall sentryThe Mithril Hall weaponsmith
The Morning StarThe Mountain of Lost SoulsThe Mummified Jaw of the Necromancer
The Mystic Chains of the SeerThe Nazgul CaptainThe Necromancer
The New Player's GuideThe Ogre ChieftainThe Ointment of Sracs
The One RingThe One Ring of PowerThe Onyx Golem
The Orb of the Gold DragonThe Owl of Gre'VosThe Pauldrons of Mortality
The Peaks of Tar'pa CithmThe Prism ShieldThe Protector of Naris
The Reforged Helm of Torment LostThe Relic of the InfiniteThe Right Hand of the Law
The Rights to ChivalryThe Ring of DignityThe Ring of Kings
The Ring of WizardryThe Robe of NightThe Robe of the Magi
The Rod of DivinityThe Rod of NeutralityThe Rogue's Ring of Thievery
The Ruins of T'manThe Ruling SceptreThe Sands of Teracchei
The Sapphire BladeThe Sceptre of MightThe Scythe of Death
The SentinelThe Sentinel (item)
The Shadow LordThe Shadowy Brand of ThieveryThe Shattering
The Shield of WarThe Shield of the RavagerThe Shire
The Shock WhipThe Shy EmeraldThe Sigil of Law
The Silver CrescentThe Slime PitThe Snake's eye
The Son of LithosThe SouldrinkerThe Souls of the Damned
The Southern CaravanThe Southern Mountain Trade RouteThe Spear of Ares
The Spirit of InnocenceThe Spoils of ThieveryThe Staff of Barad-Dur
The Staff of Holy DivinationThe Staff of the DragonThe Steel Plated Gloves of the Duer'ain Clan
The Steps of the DivineThe Sting of Scorpio
The StormThe Sun, Moon and StarsThe Sword of the Sun
The SymposiumThe Tanar'ri ceremonial swordThe Thunderbolt
The Titanic Arm plates of HerculesThe Titanic Belt of OrionThe Titanic Bow of Sagittarius
The Titanic Bracelet of VirgoThe Titanic Fleece of AriesThe Titanic Hoof of Taurus
The Titanic Horns of CapricornThe Titanic Mask of GeminiThe Titanic Scale of Libra
The Titanic Shell of CancerThe Titanic Skin of LeoThe Titanic Tail of Pisces
The Torn Robes of the GhostbinderThe Tower of DespairThe Tower of Knowledge
The Tower of ZenothirThe Tree of LifeThe Trials of Cernunnos
The Tunic of the Shattered ValeThe Two-Handed Flail of Ethereal MightThe Umbrageous Ruins
The UnderworldThe Unholy Robes of the InvokerThe Unholy Symbol of the Damned
The Valley of CrucifixionThe Veil of the Storm GodThe Village of Tar'pa Cithm
The Von Deusen MausoleumThe Wand of DecayThe War Mattock of the Harbinger
The WarehouseThe Watchdog's DewclawThe Wilds
The Wolf's DenThe Wolf of Gre'VosThe Wooden Greaves of the Ocean Wanderer
The Xanythian GraveyardsThe Yeti of the PlainsThe Ziggurat
The adderThe amuletThe ancient amulet of dispersal
The ancient banner of the Clan Dubh GlasThe ancient bow of the kamiThe ancient bracelet of enchantment
The ancient sight of the snakeThe ancient sword of the kamiThe animated corpse of a pit viper
The apple of lifeThe arcane band of countermagickThe arcane band of defense
The arcane band of murderThe arcane band of prowessThe arcane band of the elder
The armored cowl of the DefilerThe astral guardianThe babau demon
The balm of renewalThe band of daemonic fleshThe banded ring of the serpent
The bandit leader (the sentinel)The banner of royal colorsThe barbed flail of salvation
The base of a large, broken altarThe battle boots of the DragonlordThe battle mail of the Dragonlord
The battle mistressThe battle shield of the DragonlordThe battle visor of the Dragonlord
The battleragerThe beast known as 'Shadow Stalker'The belt of life
The black belt of TigorlyThe black hilted sword "Shieldbreaker"The black leather boots of the Falcon
The black monkey's fistThe black plate of HadesThe black ring mail greaves of the Falcon
The black ring mail spaulders of the FalconThe blessed silver cross of RavenellThe blessing of demons
The blessing of magie blancheThe blood-lightning swordThe blood-stained robes of the vitiated
The blood stained skull of repentanceThe bloody greaves of Rapture and DysphoriaThe bloody kilt of the fallen
The bloody neckguard of the DefilerThe bone of fidelityThe boots of Delphium
The bracer of Dantrag BaenreThe brand of DoomThe brand of the peaceful
The brand of the pkillerThe brass band of a demonthrallThe breast of a chicken
The brigand assassinThe brigand sentryThe bringer of Salvation
The brown bearThe burnished sleeves of Sovereignty and MightThe burnished staff of perpetual flame
The camp cookThe captain's cloakThe celestial greaves of purity
The chasme demonThe chief gnomeThe choice of reconciliation
The claw of a forest bearThe claw of the gorgondian lizardThe claw of the tyrant
The clay ring of enchantmentThe cleric of ShimmergloomThe cloak of Death
The cloth hood of the ChosenThe cloth leggings of the Chosen
The cloth robe of the ChosenThe cloth wristband of the ChosenThe colourful phial of bodily needs
The colourful potion of allure and intellectThe commander's tridentThe cook
The cook's assistantThe corpse of a small, dirty ratThe craven Astaroth
The crystal of l'tharThe crystal prism of MasefiThe crystalline eye of Na'gor
The curled branches of an old willow treeThe curly tail of a seahorseThe dagger of Sorrow
The dagger of metaphysical deliveranceThe dark gray robes of a nephandiThe dark scales of the demonic enforcer

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