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The Desert ArenaThe DevilThe DragonOrb of Gealcath
The Dragon Claw of LegendThe Dragonhide BreastplateThe Dragonlord's Battle Armor
The Drake ShieldThe Duke's robesThe Dungeon
The Dunhill DemesnesThe Ebony Staff of Quantum WrathThe Elder Orb
The Enchanted Battleplate of Malevolent MachinationsThe Enchanted Battleplate of Radiant GloryThe Enchanted Gauntlets of the Duer'ain Clan
The EnchanterThe Eye of the BeholderThe Face Shield of Valour
The Face of the ShadowThe Fewmaster's daggerThe Fire Station
The Fire god's bladeThe Flame of EntropyThe Fool
The Forgotten WoodsThe Gauntlet
The Gauntlet (item)The Giant KrakenThe Gift of Sight
The Glyph of CreationThe Glyph of DestructionThe Gnomish Staff of HailFire
The Golden Armguards of ValianceThe Golden ClawThe Golden Dragon Tooth Amulet of the Daimyo
The Golden DragonclawThe Golden GauntletThe Golden Gauntlets of the Lost King
The Grand MistressThe GraveyardThe Gray Mouser
The Great AxeThe Great Defender of the Southern MountainThe Great Protector of the Southern Mountain
The Great Vanquisher of the Southern MountainThe Guild of Nature
The Guild of SpiritThe Halberd of the Naris GuardThe Halls of Knowledge
The Halls of TrainingThe Hammer of CurdardhThe Happy Death Orb
The Haven of Everlasting LightThe Helm of BrutalityThe Helm of Dragonkind
The Helm of LightThe Hidden KeyThe Holy Avenger
The Holy Cloak of PowerThe Horned Skull of the Daemon LordThe Ice Arm Guards
The Ice BreastplateThe Ice EarringsThe Ice Gauntlets
The Ice GirthThe Ice HelmThe Ice Leggings
The Ice OrbThe Ice ShoesThe Ice Tooth
The ImpalerThe Inquisitor's GraspThe Intrigues of the Miden'nir
The Iron Gauntlets of the DivinityThe Iron Hand of KargothThe Island of Irrybis
The JailorThe Jeweled LanceThe Jimminator!
The Keep of BelialThe Keep of Mahn-TorThe Key of Gr'staka
The King's CastleThe Lamech Family DiamondThe Land of the Lost
The Left Hand of the LawThe LibrarianThe Lightning Dragon
The Lily Covered Tabard of the Knight ProtectorThe Livery of the Sea KingThe Lotus Sanctuary
The LunaticThe Mace of GoodnessThe Mad Alchemist
The Mahn-Tor CatacombsThe Mantle of Curoi mac DaireThe Mantle of Malignance
The Mark of the BeastThe Mask of DisfigurementThe Mask of the Master Rogue
The Masque of ComedyThe Masque of TragedyThe Matrix of Desolution
The Maul of StoneThe Medal of Clan FreedomThe Medallion of Faith
The MireThe Mithril Hall citizenThe Mithril Hall cleric
The Mithril Hall grocerThe Mithril Hall head cleric's staffThe Mithril Hall machine operator
The Mithril Hall sentryThe Mithril Hall weaponsmithThe Morning Star
The Mountain of Lost SoulsThe Mummified Jaw of the NecromancerThe Mystic Chains of the Seer
The Nazgul CaptainThe NecromancerThe New Player's Guide
The Ogre ChieftainThe Ointment of SracsThe One Ring
The One Ring of PowerThe Onyx GolemThe Orb of the Gold Dragon
The Owl of Gre'VosThe Pauldrons of MortalityThe Peaks of Tar'pa Cithm
The Prism ShieldThe Protector of NarisThe Reforged Helm of Torment Lost
The Relic of the InfiniteThe Right Hand of the LawThe Rights to Chivalry
The Ring of DignityThe Ring of KingsThe Ring of Wizardry
The Robe of NightThe Robe of the MagiThe Rod of Divinity
The Rod of NeutralityThe Rogue's Ring of ThieveryThe Ruins of T'man
The Ruling SceptreThe Sands of TeraccheiThe Sapphire Blade
The Sceptre of MightThe Scythe of DeathThe Sentinel
The Sentinel (item)The Shadow Lord
The Shadowy Brand of ThieveryThe ShatteringThe Shield of War
The Shield of the RavagerThe ShireThe Shock Whip
The Shy EmeraldThe Sigil of LawThe Silver Crescent
The Slime PitThe Snake's eyeThe Son of Lithos
The SouldrinkerThe Souls of the DamnedThe Southern Caravan
The Southern Mountain Trade RouteThe Spear of AresThe Spirit of Innocence
The Spoils of ThieveryThe Staff of Barad-DurThe Staff of Holy Divination
The Staff of the DragonThe Steel Plated Gloves of the Duer'ain ClanThe Steps of the Divine
The Sting of ScorpioThe Storm
The Sun, Moon and StarsThe Sword of the SunThe Symposium
The Tanar'ri ceremonial swordThe ThunderboltThe Titanic Arm plates of Hercules
The Titanic Belt of OrionThe Titanic Bow of SagittariusThe Titanic Bracelet of Virgo
The Titanic Fleece of AriesThe Titanic Hoof of TaurusThe Titanic Horns of Capricorn
The Titanic Mask of GeminiThe Titanic Scale of LibraThe Titanic Shell of Cancer
The Titanic Skin of LeoThe Titanic Tail of PiscesThe Torn Robes of the Ghostbinder
The Tower of DespairThe Tower of KnowledgeThe Tower of Zenothir
The Tree of LifeThe Trials of CernunnosThe Tunic of the Shattered Vale
The Two-Handed Flail of Ethereal MightThe Umbrageous RuinsThe Underworld
The Unholy Robes of the InvokerThe Unholy Symbol of the DamnedThe Valley of Crucifixion
The Veil of the Storm GodThe Village of Tar'pa CithmThe Von Deusen Mausoleum
The Wand of DecayThe War Mattock of the HarbingerThe Warehouse
The Watchdog's DewclawThe WildsThe Wolf's Den
The Wolf of Gre'VosThe Wooden Greaves of the Ocean WandererThe Xanythian Graveyards
The Yeti of the PlainsThe ZigguratThe adder
The amuletThe ancient amulet of dispersalThe ancient banner of the Clan Dubh Glas
The ancient bow of the kamiThe ancient bracelet of enchantmentThe ancient sight of the snake
The ancient sword of the kamiThe animated corpse of a pit viperThe apple of life
The arcane band of countermagickThe arcane band of defenseThe arcane band of murder
The arcane band of prowessThe arcane band of the elderThe armored cowl of the Defiler
The astral guardianThe babau demonThe balm of renewal
The band of daemonic fleshThe banded ring of the serpentThe bandit leader (the sentinel)
The banner of royal colorsThe barbed flail of salvationThe base of a large, broken altar
The battle boots of the DragonlordThe battle mail of the DragonlordThe battle mistress
The battle shield of the DragonlordThe battle visor of the DragonlordThe battlerager
The beast known as 'Shadow Stalker'The belt of lifeThe black belt of Tigorly
The black hilted sword "Shieldbreaker"The black leather boots of the FalconThe black monkey's fist
The black plate of HadesThe black ring mail greaves of the FalconThe black ring mail spaulders of the Falcon
The blessed silver cross of RavenellThe blessing of demonsThe blessing of magie blanche
The blood-lightning swordThe blood-stained robes of the vitiatedThe blood stained skull of repentance
The bloody greaves of Rapture and DysphoriaThe bloody kilt of the fallenThe bloody neckguard of the Defiler
The bone of fidelityThe boots of DelphiumThe bracer of Dantrag Baenre
The brand of DoomThe brand of the peacefulThe brand of the pkiller
The brass band of a demonthrallThe breast of a chickenThe brigand assassin
The brigand sentryThe bringer of SalvationThe brown bear
The burnished sleeves of Sovereignty and MightThe burnished staff of perpetual flameThe camp cook
The captain's cloakThe celestial greaves of purityThe chasme demon
The chief gnomeThe choice of reconciliationThe claw of a forest bear
The claw of the gorgondian lizardThe claw of the tyrantThe clay ring of enchantment
The cleric of ShimmergloomThe cloak of Death
The cloth hood of the ChosenThe cloth leggings of the ChosenThe cloth robe of the Chosen
The cloth wristband of the ChosenThe colourful phial of bodily needsThe colourful potion of allure and intellect
The commander's tridentThe cookThe cook's assistant
The corpse of a small, dirty ratThe craven AstarothThe crystal of l'thar
The crystal prism of MasefiThe crystalline eye of Na'gorThe curled branches of an old willow tree
The curly tail of a seahorseThe dagger of SorrowThe dagger of metaphysical deliverance
The dark gray robes of a nephandiThe dark scales of the demonic enforcerThe darkened ring of the hate seeker
The darkened robe of atonementThe darkhaven guardThe dead councilor
The defiled cloak of the furiesThe destruction of AuroraThe devil rod
The diamond-shaped head of a giant serpentThe diamond shaped helm of defenseThe divine protector
The dollThe dwarven royal staffThe earring of the Magus
The earth ringThe ebony krisThe embrace of the fallen goddess
The energy band of the MagusThe enormous claw of a red dragonThe enslaved red dragon
The essence of elemental fireThe essence of furyThe essence of kundalini

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