The Blackened Legplates of the Daemon Lord

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A pair of blackened legplates lie smouldering upon the ground.


Object 'the Blackened Legplates of the Daemon Lord' is infused with your magic...
It is a level 50 armor, weight 3.
Locations it can be worn:  legs
Special properties:  dark
Genres allowed:  sorcerer
Alignments allowed:  evil
This armor has a gold value of 10000.
Armor class is 15 of 15.
Affects damage roll by 5.
Affects hp by 20.
Affects mana by 50.
Affects save vs breath by -2.



These charred legplates have been taken from a great and terrible daemon.
Formed from centuries of brimstone layering upon the demon's legs, they are as
hard as steel, and as deadly.
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