The Keep of Mahn-Tor

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=== Route 2: Keep of Mahn Tor ===
=== Route 2: Keep of Mahn Tor ===
* ZMud: <code>#4 s;w;n;n;give 5000 coins receptionist;unlock n;open n;n;n;e;ne;nw;ne;ne;n;enter;d;e;n</code>
* ZMud: (Winter Wonderland Painting) <code>#4s;w;#2n;give 5k coins receptionist;unlock n;open n;#3n;ne;n;ne;n;enter;d;e;n</code>
* MUSHClient: <code>#4s w 2n (give 5000 coins receptionist) (unlock n) (open n) 2n e (ne) (nw) 2(ne) n (enter) d e n</code>
* General: <code>4s, w, 2n, give 5000 coins receptionist, unlock n, open n, 2n, e, ne, nw, 2ne, n, enter, d, e, n</code>
== Area Information ==
== Area Information ==

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Area Directions

Route 1: Ogre Village

  • ZMud: #6 n;#3 nw;w;n;#4 e;s;w;sw;s;sw;s;s;sw;sw;s;s;ne;ne;n;nw;w;nw;nw;w;#3 nw;#3 w;se;w;sw;w;u;nw;#3 w;#3 nw;#3 w;sw
  • MUSHClient: #6n 3(nw) w n 4e s w (sw) s (sw) 2s 2(sw) 2s 2(ne) n (nw) w 2(nw) w 3(nw) 3w (se) w (sw) w u (nw) 3w 3(nw) 3w (sw)
  • General: 6n, 3nw, w, n, 4e, s, w, sw, s, sw, 2s, 2sw, 2s, 2ne, n, nw, w, 2nw, w, 3nw, 3w, se, w, sw, w, u, nw, 3w, 3nw, 3w, sw

Route 2: Keep of Mahn Tor

  • ZMud: (Winter Wonderland Painting) #4s;w;#2n;give 5k coins receptionist;unlock n;open n;#3n;ne;n;ne;n;enter;d;e;n

Area Information

  • Author: Selina/Kinux
  • Credits: Chris (Original Concept), Korell (Program Revision)
  • Level Range: 10 - 45
  • Repop Message: The disgusting cry of a large beast rings through the air, followed by the sounds of battle.
  • Repop Timer: 15 minutes
  • Astral/Portal Point: Amyrok, Sumaron, Belrak, Weeping willow
  • Mob/Item List: The Keep of Mahn-Tor


The city of the minotaurs, Mahn-Tor, used to lay beyond the
lapping waves of the Blood Sea in Antarctica. Mahn-Tor was
founded decades after a bizarre sect fused human convicts with
wild bulls. The Keep was named after the new race's leader,
Mahn-Tor, who had led the revolt that gained the minotaur's
freedom. In recent years, the minotaur race has become much
more civilized and possessed of diverse skill.

During the Shattering, the Keep rode the waves of earth until
landing amidst a giant forest. The Shattering evoked feelings
of paranoia and religious zealotry, which has lead to the
isolation and restructuring of the society.

Area Notes

An awesome and most interesting leveling area. Route 1 brings you to the first room marked in blue (the one bordering on The Forgotten Woods), and Route 2 to the second room marked in blue (the one near Mahn-Tor itself).

Area Map


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