A Moment in Nature

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Area Directions

  • ZMud: #3 e;s;d;open w;#3 w;open w;#6 w;enter
  • MUSHClient: #3e s d (open w) 3w (open w) 6 w (enter)
  • General: 3e, s, d, open w, 3w, open w, 6w, enter

Area Information


Curious young adventurers, feeling safe within the boundaries
of the Tower of Knowledge, are often lulled into a sense of
protection therein. Some become brazen enough to enter the
whirling mystical portal found within the confines of the
garden and playground surrounding the tower. The portal is
sustained with Druidic magic, renewed in strength by natural
forces within the portal itself. An overwhelming urge can be
felt near the portal to perhaps take a break from the constant
fluttering of dragonflies and infestation of aphids...to
perhaps take a hike, climb a tree, or enjoy a picnic lunch.

Area Notes

Nice for a little bit of leveling and a few good pieces of eq too. Not advised as a common place to run around in because it's noastral and therefore uplift won't work, so little lowbies can get into trouble.

Area Map


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