A beggar's potion of healing

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A beggar's potion of healing has been carelessly left here.



Object 'a beggar's potion of healing' is infused with your magic...
It is a level 20 potion, weight 1.
Special properties:  glow magic bless
This potion has a gold value of 14000.
Level 23 spell(s) of:



Textures of both deep red and pale purple swirl together inside the vial.



You feel welcomed in this spot, surrounded by your allies.
A brigand's voice calls out to you from the cobblestones...
'Got some reduced-price heal potions for you... just say "heals" if you want 'em.'
You say 'heals'
A brigand emerges and points to the ground...
You let the gold slip from your hand.
The brigand takes the payment and retreats below.
Another brigand arrives, emptying a treasure chest upon the floor.
The brigand drops a beggar's potion of healing (100).
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