A wizened mage

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A wizened mage leans heavily on an oaken staff.




This ancient wizard has watched over the progress of neophyte spellcasters
for centuries, remembering the time long past when he was once like you. He
will succor you, and tend your wounds while you wait. He may also cast a small
spell or two on you to enhance your progress.



Unknown coins


This mob can be found in the room just below Voinar and in the middle of the four mage training cages. He will cast blessing of thoric upon any character entering the room from above and will periodically cast a random spell upon a random character within the room. These spells include armor, refresh, cure light, cure serious, bless, float, and restore mana. He will also cast refresh and cure light every time a character enters the room from any of the four cages. If you are STARVING he will attempt to hand you a magic mushroom and make you eat it. If you are DYING OF THIRST he will make you drink from the fountain in the room. Unlike the robed figure, he will hang onto any mushroom he cannot hand to a character rather than dropping it for them for later consumption.

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