Adendra's rainbow elixir

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This brightly colored rainbow elixir exudes the faith of Adendra.



Object 'Adendra's rainbow elixir' is infused with your magic...
It is a level 20 potion, weight 1.
Special properties:  none
This potion has a gold value of 0.
Level 53 spell(s) of:
  'restore mana'  'restore mana'



Clouds swirl within the elixir, taking on bright hues of color as they shift
back and forth. This elixir is bestowed to the followers of Adendra to aid
them in their travels and as a reminder of Adendra's everlasting grace.



You pay homage to The mystical Goddess, Adendra.
The mystical Goddess, Adendra smiles at you delicately.
A white aura surrounds your field of vision. You feel compelled to visit
your god's shrine within the Old Marsh.
You admire the rainbow's beauty for a few moments.
You place an offering to your god.
You let the gold slip from your hand.
Adendra gives you one gold coin for your sacrifice of 400000 gold coins.
A gift from Adendra materializes within the shrine.
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