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Adhere is used to select the path you want to specialize your character into. Like the practice command, it usually requires a certain mob to work which depends on the specific path chosen. Some paths also require your character to have specific qualities, for example the path of balance accepts only neutrally aligned characters. After you adhere to a path, the corresponding skills/spells will appear in your skill list and you will be able to learn them the usual ways.

Should you decide to switch paths, the adhere none command will remove you from your current path, allowing you to adhere to another one. The cost will be the loss of the old path's abilities: the learned percentage is zeroed in the process, should you want to go back and re-adhere to the old path you will have to re-learn them from scratch, losing other practice points.


  • adhere '<full path name>'
  • adhere none

Help File

This command allows you to select a Path. It will function anywhere, though
some Paths require you to be in a certain location to adhere.

Adhere none will remove you from a Path and remove all ability in spells of
that Path. 

See also: A list of mage paths, Paths, Practice, and Slist.