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  • affected (abbreviation: af)
  • affected by (abbreviation: af by)

Help File

'Affected' is a spells-at-a-glance function, which displays only the spells
and skills affecting a character at that moment. Each affect is listed by
name only, for the sake of brevity. If you want to know what each spell or
skill does, use help <spell/skill name> or 'score'.

Characters level 20 or above and deadly characters also see the number of
rounds remaining for each affect. Affects with a remaining lifespan of less
than 25 rounds are displayed in white, and those in immediate danger of
wearing off will flash.

'Affected by' displays a character's affects separate from the spell/skill
affect list. This is useful for ensuring that affects given from equipment
are actually functioning. For example, if you are wearing a visor with
detect_invis but 'affected by' does not show you as having that affect, you
are not detecting invisibility.
'Affected by' also displays current susceptibilities, resistances, and
immunities if the character is level 20 or higher.

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