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A character's alignment is determined on a scale ranging from +1000 to -1000.
Alignment changes based on killing creatures of alignments different from
your own. The alignment ranges work as follows:

Players will see their alignment at level 10. You can look at your alignment
by typing 'score' or 'worth'.

The different alignments allow you to wear different pieces of equipment. To
determine if you can wear an item, first identify the item and check the
alignments allowed. If you are not of the same alignment(s) allowed, you will
not be able to wear the item. If your alignment changes while you are wearing
an object that forbids your new alignment, the item will zapping off of your body.

Abilities of some classes are also determined by alignment. For example,
certain spells may be gained or lost depending upon your alignment. Note that
if the ability was practiced before switching, it is not lost once you return
to your original status. Practice sessions are not lost either.

Nephandi and Paladins lose the majority of their abilities if their alignment
strays to one which their gods do not favor. Clerics are affected by each level
of alignment, more so than other classes.

An evil character may not be able to cast beneficial spells on others, and
devout characters may not be able to cast harmful spells on others. Neutral
characters may find they can cast some spells, but not others. Each class can
see what spells they receive by looking at their slist as alignment changes.


Alignment, or align, is a rating of how good or evil a player or mob is. It is a figure between 1000 (very good) and -1000 (very evil), although for mobs we can only estimate it using the know alignment spell and even players can't see their own alignment in figures until level 10. Because 'good' is an ambiguous word, players with positive alignment are said to be 'devout' instead. There is an inbetween state, neutral, as this table shows:

Name Value
Devout (dev) 1000 to 350
Neutral (neut) 350 to -350
Evil -350 to -1000

Your alignment can affect what equipment you wear, which spells you get (particularly for Clerics, Paladins and Nephandi) and how some mobs and rooms react to you. Those of evil alignment may also find themselves disadvantaged because of the protection or benediction spells.

Your alignment changes (with the exception of vampire candy) when you kill a mob with a different alignment to yours - your alignment shifts towards the mob's alignment figure, the size of the shift proportional to the difference between the figures.

A lot of equipment is align-restricted, like the evil/neut weapon, darkness, which can only be wielded by players with evil or neutral align. There are no penalties for wearing the wrong equipment because the game simply doesn't let you do it - it will zap as soon as you try. This also happens if you align changes (e.g. from neut to dev) while you're wearing the equipment, so you need to realign in order to not zap.

Also when you use the group command to show your group's status, it shows your alignment as an initial on the side. For some reason, this is on an entirely different system, as below:

Initial Meaning Align
A Angelic Devout
N Neutral Neutral
S Satanic Evil