Along the Forest Path

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  • General: 7w, sw, 2s
  • zMUD: #7 w;sw;s;s
  • MUSHClient: #7w (sw) 2s



West of the ruins of the concourse, outside the southwest     
corner of Darkhaven's walls, a narrow path trails through the 
Forest of Tears, winding along to the Shattered Refuge of the 
Gnomes. This path is frequently traveled by young adventurers 
seeking to make their fortune outside Darkhaven and Gnomes    
journeying to Darkhaven to barter.                            
Rumors are spreading that this area is no longer safe. A small
gang of bandits strike at travelers who are unaware of the    
threat. Darkhaven guards have searched the areas around the   
path attempting to find the bandit's lair, but to no avail.


Along the Forest Path is a nice little area, both for leveling and eq. It's restricted to players of level 25 and below, and is filled with lowbie fun including a nice little quest. There's a few aggressive mobs that can be a bit nasty though, so be careful.


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