Amnis Umbra

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            -----            AMNIS UMBRA            -----

From the beginning of known time, a struggle between the forces of chaos 
and order has been taking place in the heavens. Beings arose out of this 
struggle, formed by each side's hatred of the other. For eons they did
remain unconscious, unknowing, unseeing. Gradually, they became
aware of their surroundings. Gradually, they saw possibilities in the 
struggle which was taking place around them. The first stood on its newborn
legs and formed the land, sea and mountains that would become its asylum.
Another stood on its shaky legs and formed the creatures that would be its
playthings. And still another joined in, and formed emotions that would
fill all creatures. More created towns and more creatures, and when all
was settled, they gazed down upon their creation, the Realms.
As the scenario played out around them, they became aware of the stronger
force, the warring beings that had made them and allowed them to create.
These beings began to divide amongst themselves as well, choosing extreme
opposites and championing their causes. The mortals below them saw this,
with great fear and trepidation. After many years of being plagued by the
gods wars, one started to secretly spread the word of a way to be released
from this disorder. One must let go of the bounds of the mortal world,
not hold wealth, fortune, not participate in wars and causes and above 
all, not create a reason to be reborn. Then one would be free to rise 
above and beyond this realm of being. This is the faith of Amnis Umbra.