An ace up Playername's sleeve

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The ace of spades has fallen out of Playername's sleeve.



Object 'an ace up Playername's sleeve' is infused with your magic...
It is a level 20 armor, weight 1.
Locations it can be worn:  arms
Special properties:  none
This armor has a gold value of 0.
Armor class is 5 of 5.
Affects hp by 10.
Affects luck by 2.



This thin, slippery playing card is slightly warm, as if it's been hiding up
someone's sleeve. It has a single large, black spade on one side.



Mayor Mul paces the room restlessly.
Catching your eye, he smiles broadly.
Mayor Mul says 'Say, you wouldn't mind doing a little errand for me, would you now?'
The Mayor waits anxiously for you to say yes.
You say 'yes'
Mayor Mul grins happily.
Mayor Mul says 'Fabulous, just fabulous! This won't take you any time at all, I'm sure.'
Mayor Mul says 'See, I just had my new dartboard delivered. Beautiful, isn't it?'
The Mayor idley caresses the circular felt of the dartboard.
Mayor Mul says 'Unfortunately, it seems my special order of mithril-tipped darts isn't finished yet.'
Mayor Mul says 'But I'm absolutely DYING to try this out.'
Mayor Mul says 'If you can go fetch me a throwing dart, I'll give you a little something for your 
Mayor Mul says 'I imagine if you check out some pubs, you should be able to get one easily enough.'
Mayor Mul scoots you out the door.
The door closes.
Mayor Mul turns to grin at you as you enter.
Mayor Mul says 'Hand over my dart, please, I simply have to try this out! Bet I can get a bullseye!'
You give a throwing dart to Mayor Noran Mul.
The Mayor grins happily, showing off his pointed teeth.
Mayor Mul says 'Fabulous, thank you! Now let me see...I must have something I don't need around 
The Mayor looks around, then grabs a card from the shelf.
Mayor Mul says 'Here, I always have plenty of aces to spare.'
Mayor Noran Mul gives you an ace up Playername's sleeve.
Mayor Mul ignores you as he turns to his newest plaything, sinking the dart deep into the bullseye.
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