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General Information

  • Motto: Anarchs, 'Dominance through chaos'
  • Description: The Anarchs spawned from the remnants of the Scorned. They are driven by a desire to reclaim the Isle of Nethescuros as their own.
  • Headquarters: Unknown
  • Leader: Blayde
  • Number One: Boosh
  • Number Two: Harbinger

Help File

[127] Boosh: The Anarchs would like to welcome you to your doom.

Mon Mar 8 17:21:04 2021

To: Pigdogs

Dear Pigdogs,

So you thought you could get rid of the Scorned, huh? Well guess what?

We're back and in phoenix-like fashion as the Anarchs. New name, same

scorned agenda. We cordially welcome you all to your apocolypse. As the

number one enforcer, I am looking forward to enforcing your entrails into

the Umbrageous Ruins. Don't even think about setting foot into the Isle of

Nethescuros because it's ours!

If you got a score to settle and think you have what it takes to be an

Anarch, then go ahead and contact one of our leaders and we'll talk.


Pigdog Slayer