Arcana Eviae

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       -----            ARCANA EVIAE            -----

"From the whirling chaos that was, a great being arose to shape it
and make it its own. From the coils of its serpent body, it shaped
the hills and valleys that formed the Realms. From deep within its
belly came forth life, in the forms of creatures of all sizes and
shape. From the venom that dripped from its fangs came the rivers,
and oceans. From the heat of its gaze came molten lava to form the
mountains and rocks.

After the serpent had given its life to create this world, it lay
dying slowly among the rolling hills. Its 7,000 coils heaved as it
drew its last breath. As life left it, some of the rainbow scales of
the dead body fell to ground, but instead of turning to ash as the
rest of the body did, these grew. Colors formed as these beings rose
from the earth and took a place in the heavens above. The world was
divided amongst them, each ruling over its own creation. They looked
down upon the world below, amused as they watched the many creations
of the serpent play out. They waged their wars using these creations
as puppets to carry out both good and evil, love and hate - chaos and
order. These are the Gods of Arcana Eviae."