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General Information

         The Order of
(\.   \      ,/)   / _ \ 
 \(   |\     )/   / /_\ \_ __ ___ __ _ _ __   ___  ___ 
 //\  | \   /\\   |  _  | '__/ __/ _` | '_ \ / _ \/ __|
(/ /\_#oo#_/\ \)  | | | | | | (_| (_| | | | |  __/\__ \  
 \/\  ####  /\/   \_| |_/_|  \___\__,_|_| |_|\___||___/  
                          - As One, We Are Strong -


For many millennia there have been tales of an ancient Order of magicians that resides in the mystical forests of Crystalmir Lake. The locals from the region refer to these mysterious magi as the Arcanes. A group dedicated to the study and mastery of the magicks.

The Arcanes have a long and tumultuous history. Centuries of corruption and treachery crippled the Order and brought it close to extinction. Those that dared travel into the forests during those dark times swore that they could smell the foul odour of Balzhur's breath lurking in the air.

In more recent times, life seems to have returned to the area surrounding Crystalmir Lake. New stories are being told of a group of necromancers from the Clan Ombra who have defected from the shadowy path to rebuild the ancient Order of Arcanes.


The Order of Arcanes is one of the oldest organisations in the Realms of Despair. Between 1995 and 1996, the Arcanes was a Pkill clan. At the end of the Age of the Old Clans the Clan Arcanes restructured itself into an Order.

Between February and March 2018, Daedalas, Incendi and Otari took over as the leaders of the Order of Arcanes. Since that change in leadership, the Order of Arcanes has:

  • forged an alliance with the Clan Ombra
  • had its headquarters completely rebuilt and modernised
  • abolished the redundant Council of Light, Scouts and Elders
  • created a new Council of Shadows
  • opened its doors to the vampire class

The Order is active in the areas of: pkill, exploring, running, questing and leveling.

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