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General Information

Ascendere [Latin] - To rise; move upwards; increase in rank.

  • Motto: No ascent is too steep for mortals. Heaven itself we seek in our folly.
  • Description: The Ascendere seek to unravel the myth of chaos, and make their home in the heart of the ethereal planes.
  • Headquarters: Heart of the Ether
  • Deity: Meekon
  • Leader: Petrograd
  • Number One: Sadi
  • Number Two: Owyn

        //////\\    Since the beginning of time, all mortal
       ///////\\\    beings have attempted to understand the
      ////////\\\\    cosmos. However, the very fabric of life,
     /////////\\\\\    woven in chaos and disorder, has always
    /////////\\\\\\\    seemed elusive. For the Ascendere,
   /////////\\\\\\\\\    all things shall one day be
  /////////__\\\\\\\\\    comprehended. Their search for
 /////////////\\\\\\\\\    knowledge and enlightenment has led
///////////////\\\\\\\\\    them to the heart of the ether.

This collaboration of mortal entities is oriented towards achieving their
goals through law and order. They have weaved for themselves a highly
structured society. Yet they maintain a great love for the Ethereal, the
plane from which all mystical beings, even gods, arise. Within this strata,
they feel closer to the secrets of the ever-shifting cosmos, and gain great
power and knowledge by their interactions with it.

It is through a unity at once mortal and ethereal that the Ascendere rise above
the fray to illuminate the obscure corners of the Realms with the lamp of
knowledge; to bring system, structure, and order to the unfathomable ether;
and to assail the agents of chaos, subjecting them to their organized will.


Ascendere as a group was formed in November 1998 as a great bulk of the active Arcanes members decided to leave with the hopes of being coded as a new order. This group under the leadership of Covellia with Bede as the deity formed the last coded order Ascendere in March 1999, and have built from those foundations. No other groups have had an order coded since this time.

Previous information is out of date, Arete was coded in 12/08/12

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