Astral disruption

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In the Ages before the Shattering, astral travel was a common occurence.
With the exception of areas guarded by magic, almost any location 
throughout the Realms was accesible via these varied forms of transport.

With the death of Il'liara and the horrific effects of the Shattering, the
fabric of the astral plane was torn. Astral transport now requires many
shorter steps to move from place to place. Magickal theorists have attempted
to discover why some movement between two localized locations is sometimes
impossible while large leaps are sometimes made effortlessly. For now, no
conclusions have been reached.


Since the Shattering, planar spells now have a reduced range because of astral disruption. All these spells have been limited to the a selection of adjacent geos or to only the geos itself.

The relationship between the less restrictive geos can be seen in the image below. Planar spells will only work between geos which are directly linked on the following schematic.


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