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An avatar is a character who has improved themselves as far as is mortally
possible, level 50. When a character reaches this level, they automatically
become an Avatar, and this is announced across the entire Realms.

Avatars enjoy many advantages. For example, the Avatar survives happily
without ever needing to eat or drink. However, hunger and thirst do still
affect regeneration. Avatars also do not gain or lose experience.

Note that an Avatar character is different from a supplicated Avatar mob.

Avatars have their own channel, AV. IT may be used by typing:
'av message' or ':message'


An avatar, or av, is a character that reached level 50, the maximum mortal level available in the game. They have some special qualities that differentiate them from lower level characters:

  • They no longer lose nor gain experience points.
  • Being hungry or thirsty doesn't affects their mental state at all, although it still affects their hp/mana regeneration rates
  • They gain access to another communication channel, 'avatar' (known as "avchat" or "yellow spam" from its messages' standard color).

Further advancement is possible only by being accepted amongst the immortals.