Azure Sea

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  • General: 6s, ne, 2s, se, 2e, s, 2sw, s, 2e, u, 3e
  • zMUD: #6 s;ne;#2 s;se;#2 e;s;#2 sw;s;#2 e;u;#3 e
  • MUSHClient: #6s (ne) 2s (se) 2e s 2(sw) s 2e u 3e



Stretching eastward from the new continent, water drops into
the horizon. Ships take sail and adventurers find lands 
familiar and foreign - both holding treasure for the greedy. 
The vast waters are said to be home to Antall Harbor, Abattoir 
Asylum, and a few smaller, lesser-known islands.


The Azure Sea is mostly a big maze, which is a horror to get lost in. It also includes the small islands of Eurion and Bilwen.