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  • Syntax: bs <victim>

Help File

A backstab is a method of attack, used primarily by thieves but able to be
utilized by others in some circumstances. Backstab inflicts a tremendous
degree of damage on unsuspecting victims if successful.

An appropriate weapon type is required to backstab, and if your victim is
wounded or suspicious it may not be possible to surprise them. The most
important factor in anyone's ability to backstab is to catch the victim when
they are unaware of your presence.


Backstabbing is a very powerful skill, dealing a devastating blow to an opponent. Any player wielding a short blade may backstab, though the skill may be practiced to a higher proficiency only by thieves. There are also weapons that affect backstab and could thus allow any class that can wear them to backstab successfully, for example the Oblivion. Backstabbing attacks against a sleeping opponent are always successful.

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