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A mighty dragon, powerful beyond belief, looks at you with interest.



This is the mightiest of dragons, and his power, as well as his
compassion leaves you in awe. You look up at him, and realize he
truly cares for what you think, as well as why you do it. You
smile and note that the shine of light upon his burnished platinum
scales causes you to shiver in delight. Without a doubt, this is
the kindest dragon, or creature you have ever had the good luck to


Portal to fabric from 7s of DH square. Then track Bahamut. To get back to DH, either track back to fabric and portal out or mount bahamut and he'll take you to the concourse in DH, walk 8n 6e to get back to the square.



Worn on bodya dragonscale breastplate
Worn on heada dragonscale helmet
Worn on legsa pair of dragonscale greaves
Worn on feeta pair of dragonscale boots
Worn on armsa pair of dragonscale arm-guards
Worn as shielda dragonscale shield
Worn about waista dragonscale girth


  • 1,300,000 ip2 or less, 240,000 ip3 or greater coins
  • a dragon orb 




Bammy will either pop a dragon fang or Justice, but never both. When he pops a justice all of his worn eq is purged.

A lot easier now than he used to be, Bammy is best run with two or three warriors rescuing each other and a few thieves circling. He stuns and blinds (a lot) as well as uses lots of elemental spells and breaths. Each warrior quaffs enough heals to get their health back to full before rescuing the next one, start rescuing as soon as the fight starts. If you say I come in peace he will cast bless on you. There are mobs to the ne and nw that you can use to realign.