Bartok Grove

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Area Directions

  • ZMud: #6 w;sw;sw;#5 w;s
  • MUSHClient: #6w 2(sw) 5w s
  • General: 6w, 2sw, 5w, s

Area Information


In a lush grove of the forest west of Darkhaven is a cleared   
expanse of fertile land devoted to the growing of what many    
call the best grapes in the entire realms. Three small         
wineries work this land producing wines known across the lands 
for their fine quality. The land developer, Baron Appleby,     
promotes the wineries and has brought the grove an almost      
village like economy with waves of tourists arriving during    
the pressing seasons. There are rumors about Baron Appleby     
having a hand in shady dealings but the grove thrives and      
everyone seems happy as the tourists enjoy the wines.

Area Notes

Bartok Grove, most famous for dragon's gloves and a pair of rose tinted eyeglasses.

If you get lost in the Vineyards, there's a static way out. If you keep going all south, you will always end up in room 12 eventually. From there, just head 2e, 5n, 2w and you'll be back in the village.

Area Map


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