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  • Syntax: bash

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Bash can only be used once a fight has started. It will
inflict damage and temporarily daze both yourself and
your opponent for approximately two rounds during
which you cannot heal, flee or perform other extraneous
combat actions (ie. you will be able to dodge/parry/
attack but nothing else). These same consequences are
inflicted on your opponent if it is a player character,
otherwise the skill only inflicts damage.
Note that bash has a drastically reduced chance of
hitting if the basher is not one of the primary
combatants (i.e. is not tanking).


An unusual physical attack, somewhat like a cross between strike and stun, which does damage to your opponent (in addition to normal melee damage) with no cost to your mana or movement points, but also causes you both to be dazed for two rounds.

A target may be specified but this is not required if you are already in a fight.

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