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  • Syntax: style berserk

Help File

This tactic is truly powerful, for it causes the
fighter to allow pure rage to flow through him/her, at
the cost of his/her own judgement and care for his/
her well-being. While the berserked fighter will
strike deeper into an enemies' flesh, his/her foes
will be able to take advantage and bury their weapons
deeper into the berserker.


Changes the player's fighting style to berserk. In this style, more damage will be taken and dealt by the player than in any other style. While in berserk style, a player cannot flee or really do much else but quaff potions. Berserk style is the most offensive of the five fighting styles.

To practice and adept this skill, you must swap to this style while in battle. It is not necessary to vary styles to do this, just continually changing to the current style will suffice.

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