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6s, ne, 2s, se, 2e, s, 2sw, s, 4sw, 4s, 5se, 2s, d, s, se, s, 3sw, u, 3s, sw, s, sw, w, 3u to get into ToD, walk to Tyrax and go all n, up, stun/kill/flee past the demi-lich then w, u, all n, e, all s - make sure you scry while heading south so that you don't run into Blackmote before you want to.


Twisted and warped, the essence of Blackmore has expanded beyond
his corporeal form. A black mass encompassed by swirling fire, he blocks
passage beyond the Stone Arch.


Run Instructions

Protective Spells


Blackmote gouges a lot, so the tank should be sure to quaff a cure blindness potion just before true sight wears off. Vampires are probably the best chars to use as hitters. You can't flee or recall from him. However, if you really want to slip some chars past him then get a tank in and he can supp recall out once they're through (the keyword for the exit to the south is "stone"). Even if you don't want to do any of that it is a good idea to send the tank in first in any case, as Blackmote's entry prog does about 600hp and if he's already fighting then the two hitters won't suffer this. His deathprog does the same kind of damage, so heal up when he's about to die.

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