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  • Syntax: brew <spell name>
  • Success message: You brew up a <spell name> potion.
  • Failure message: You failed.

Help File

The help file for this skill also describes scribe:

A Mage or Cleric of sufficient level holding a 'blank
scroll' or 'empty flask' may transform them into
spelled scrolls or potions via the scribe and brew

It takes significantly more mana to bind a spell to a
potion or scroll than to simply cast it.

Note that a fire is required to brew potions and a quill
to scribe scrolls.       


This skill allows you to create magical potions holding a spell of your choice. There are some limits though:

  • It must be a spell from your skills list and you must have learned it.
  • You must hold an empty flask and there must be a fire in the room you are standing in.
  • To brew spells that require components (such as a symbol of faith you must also have them.
  • Spells flagged as "nobrew" cannot be brewed regardless of the above.

The mana cost is four times what the spell you are trying to brew usually requires, two times in case of a failure. The "You cannot brew that spell" message will be given for nobrew spells.

Potions created with this skill will have the "A strange potion labelled 'spell name' sizzles in a glass flask." description when on the ground.

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