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A'enari (Good) Vl'aresch (Evil)
Bron'trel (Order) LaChte (Chaos)
Z'hyal (sun) Gre'Vos (moon)
Mak'kor (demons) Bael (death)
Sarane (feminism) Wirawyth (battle)
Estathius (neutrality) Tempus (war)
Kardis (sorrow) Adendra (faith)
Shivvan (sin) Sh'Vath (purity)
Ghordohl (wealth) Keltas (poor)
Kalerd (summer) Tirebaen (winter)
Cawyn (storms) Sil-Galith (mountains)
Masefi (wind) Grishnakh (orcs)

Finding a home amongst the stars high above the Realms, Bron'trel seeks to fill the world with order and symmetry. He is seen as a brilliant flash of light which routinely fills the skies at night, the opposite of his foe, LaChte. Bron'trel was the first of the Amnis Umbra gods to be formed, seconds later his twin, the god of chaos, came to be. For eons, they fought for control and struggled to bring each other down. Finally, Bron'trel threw his younger twin from the skies and banished him to the earth. Now, their war continues, using mortals below as their soldiers. His faith that order will prevail is obvious by his devotion to those who choose to fight his battles.

Favoring all things human, Bron'trel frowns on anyone doing battle with them. Acts of chaos, cowardice, and thieving acts gain no respect from this god who loves order above all else. Trolls, who represent chaos and disorder, are the sworn enemies of Bron'trel.

Directions To Naos

  • ZMud: #6 n;#3 nw;w;n;#4 e;s;w;sw;nw;n;ne;u;ne;ne;u;ne;u;ne;e;se;ne
  • MUSHClient: #6n 3(nw) w n 4e s w (sw) (nw) n (ne) u 2(ne) u (ne) u (ne) e (se) (ne)
  • General: 6n, 3nw, w, n, 4e, s, w, sw, nw, n, ne, u, 2ne, u, ne, u, ne, e, se, ne


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