Captain Faragut

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  • General: 8e, 3ne, 3e, ne, e, ne, 2e, 5n, ne, e, ne, e, se, e, ne, 3n, ne, 2d, 11w, n, w, n, 3w, s, 2w, 3n, 3w, navigate maze, u, e, n, (open d) d, e, pick/bash/knock s, s


With blood in his eyes and between his teeth (a touch of scurvy, most
likely), he grabs his sabres and does his level best to turn you into
a former adventurer.


Run Instructions

  • Characters: 1 Paladin, hitters optional
  • Weapons: Any
  • Tunnel: None
  • IP check: None (Rumoured < IP2 for best pop rates)

Protective Spells


Faragut is an easy solo for a Paladin because almost all of his damage is physical -- the higher your AC the less punishment you will take. If you use a paladin, remember to cast divine armor on yourself (in addition to the basic run spells) and shieldblock his attacks to reduce the damage even further. Faragut likes to gouge, disarm and attempts to stun, so resilience and true sight are always welcome.

Killing Faragut will sometimes trigger a mini-quest where you can hunt down his treasure -- a chest containing 5 million coins, some midasable junk, a decent pair of leveling earrings and one of the three items listed above (Rogue's Ring, Brigand's Cloak, ankle bracer). Other times he will summon his Spirit Avenger, a second mob that carries a healthy amount of gold coins.

Summoning the spirit avenger:

Captain Faragut is DEAD!!
Captain Faragut cries out, 'No!  This cannot be!'
Faragut, realizing that he is dying, unleashes an ancient curse.
You see his spirit leave his body, but rather than dissipate or float away, it acquires solid form and attacks!

When it pops:

Captain Faragut is DEAD!!
Captain Faragut cries out, 'No!  This cannot be!'
Captain Faragut exclaims 'Thieves and Brigands! Pirates all... I'll be damned if you'll ever get my treasure!'
Captain Faragut takes out a key from his pocket and whistles loudly.
A rather unpleasant looking parrot appears in mid-air, takes the key from Faragut and disappears again.
Captain Faragut exclaims 'My parrot may not be much to look at, but she's excellent at hiding things! That key now rests at the bottom of the sea!'
Captain Faragut throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!
In his moment of truth, Faragut struggles to destroy his most valuable possession to keep you from having it, but fails, and falls to the ground clutching something silvery in his hands.
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