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A'enari (Good) Vl'aresch (Evil)
Bron'trel (Order) LaChte (Chaos)
Z'hyal (sun) Gre'Vos (moon)
Mak'kor (demons) Bael (death)
Sarane (feminism) Wirawyth (battle)
Estathius (neutrality) Tempus (war)
Kardis (sorrow) Adendra (faith)
Shivvan (sin) Sh'Vath (purity)
Ghordohl (wealth) Keltas (poor)
Kalerd (summer) Tirebaen (winter)
Cawyn (storms) Sil-Galith (mountains)
Masefi (wind) Grishnakh (orcs)

Cawyn arose after the first clap of thunder and streaks of lightning filled the skies over a new-born Realms. He saw the true beauty of these forces and delved deeper into the chaotic forces of the elements. Soon, from his powers storms swirled over the lands, bringing rain, hail, snow, tornadoes... and any other powerful creations Cawyn thought of. He takes the greatest pleasure in watching them blow over the lands, causing chaos and destruction but also bringing new life from what is left behind. His greatest force of the elements blew through the Realms many years ago, leaving The Ashen Forest leveled in its wake.

The storm deity, Cawyn, adores magical beings. Therefore, he only accepts those of Elvish blood (Elves, Half-Elves, and Sea-Elves). He approves of those who use magic or thievery to kill their enemies, especially when they are Humans, whom he detests.

Directions To Naos

  • ZMud: #7 w;nw;n;n;nw;#7 n;e;n;n;ne;ne;n;ne;ne;s
  • MUSHClient: #7w (nw) 2n (nw) 7n e 2n 2(ne) n 2(ne) s
  • General: 7w, nw, 2n, nw, 7n, e, 2n, 2ne, n, 2ne, s


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