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  • Syntax: circle <target>

Help File

A skill unique to Thieves, circle can only be used
while in combat. It inflicts damage comparable to back-
stab, and requires the Thief to be wielding a piercing
weapon. To successfully circle you must be the first
to attack in the battle, or be grouped with whoever was.


Circle's helpfile is somewhat misleading. First of all, the way the mud detects 'distraction' doesn't work quite the way it describes, it is somewhat more complex. Second, the damage circle does is nowhere near that of backstab.

The damage circle does is based on your melee damage. Thus, your damage roll, your primary weapon's average damage, and your combat style all take part in how much damage it does. The formula isn't particularly simple, and would probably just confuse most readers, but each damage roll point adds roughly 2-3 damage.

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