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Upon the casting of this
spell, any healing 
performed by devout
members of the paladin's 
group will be improved. 
The crusade will remain in
effect until the spell
expires or the paladin
leaves the room.


  • Syntax: cast 'crusade
  • Type: Support, Utility
  • Valid Targets: Self only, Aura
  • Cost: 200 mana
  • Heal: Special hitpoints
  • Other Effects: all curative spells and effects (including potions/scrolls/staffs/wands) heal an additional 10% when performed by devout group members, including the paladin.
  • Duration: 1 round per level
  • Mininum stance: standing
  • Restrictions: devout only

Spell Messages

  • When you successfully cast on yourself: You raise your voice to the gods for assistance and declare a holy crusade.
  • When you fail to cast on yourself: You beseech the gods to help in your crusade but there is no answer.
  • When the spell expires: The sparkling gold aura dissipates as the holy blessings of the gods vanish.


Additional comments

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