Darkhaven square

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You are standing within the expanse of the famous Darkhaven Square.
An immense stone statue of Duke Luther sits in the center of the square,
surrounded by fountains of shimmering crystal water.  Gardens and shrubbery
enhance the air of serenity and peace here in the center of the great city.
A plaque set into the base of the fountain attracts your eye.  Cobblestone
roads lead away in the four cardinal directions, while to the northeast
and northwest are forested paths.  The cathedral spires of Notre Dame
de Sioux rise with majesty above the treetops to the northwest.
Exits: north east south west up northeast northwest 
A large sundial lies here, a shadow creeping across the surface.
Stone fountains containing crystal clear water surround the Duke's statue.


Darkhaven Square (abbreviated DH[]) is the best known landmark within the Realms of Despair. It is the central room within the main town in the realms, New Darkhaven. All area directions assume that you start at Darkhaven Square. It is one room south of Thoth's rune, the default recall spot for all new players except Barbarians and deadly player