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Deadly (Help File)

A 'Deadly' character is one who has chosen to follow the path of the player
killer (pkill). This choice is usually made when first entering the Realms,
though you may also become deadly by requesting an Immortal to set you as
pkill. A deadly character may never return to the peaceful way of life.

Unless in an arena, deadly players are ONLY permitted to attack other
deadly players.

A period of grace is granted to deadly characters between their entry into
the Realms and the time when they must be prepared to defend themselves.

A pkiller does not appear on the 'who deadly' list until reaching level 5
and 18 years of age. Until this time, they may not engage in pkill activities.
Multiplay, which includes a character appearing on the 'who deadly' list,
is not allowed under any circumstances. A shared IP is no exception.
Equipment worn by deadly players in player versus player (pvp) combat will
not scrap, but may still be damaged and require repair.

When a deadly dies in pvp combat, they become subject to a 5 minute timer
that renders them unable to attack or be attacked. This timer clears if
the character logs off. Corpses of those killed in pvp may be looted of up
to 3 items by the player who struck the killer blow.

Deadly characters level at a faster rate, quaff faster and inflict
greater pvp damage. However, they are also subject to an adrenaline rush
during combat that affects their ability to recall.  They are also subject
to restrictions on supplicate while adrenalized and if trying to retrieve
a corpse.

General Directions

The Umbrageous Ruins (PK Town)

Accessible via help pkmap

                  1             | A-Armor              1-Isle of Nethescuros
                  |             | B-Bridge             2-Shadow Grove, "Enter"
                  |             | C-PKC Board          3-Down to Grimoire
            C  H  |             | D-Dark Path          4-Up to Machine Dreams
         L--K--G--'             | G-Gravoc
            P  |                | H-Healer
               |                | K-Pkill Board
            M--+--3--2          | L-Lessons
    D          |  M             | M-Mud tunnel
     \   Q     |                | P-Post Office
1-----+--|-----S--DAEMON------1 | Q-Potions
      |  M     |  R  M          | R-Repair
      W        |                | S-Square of Seven Deaths
      A  A     |     .          | W-Weapons
      L--|-----+-ASHEN--,       |--------------------------------------------
      L  W     |  M  '  4       | DH Art Gallery - say 'the gallery' at "L"
      |        |                | DH Academy     - tell Gravoc 'the academy'
      |        |                | Archives       - west, down from Gravoc
      B        1           N    | Oracle         - west, up from Gravoc
      |                  W + E  | Need spells?   - say 'grant me might' at "H"
  (pkmap2)                 S    |                  or 'grant me power' at "G"
- To get to PKtown, say 'I seek the ruins' at "On a long, rusted bridge",
  "Along a wet trail", "The Shadow Grove", or "The Crossroads on the Hilltop"
- To get to Law Avenue in DH say 'the gallery' at Gravoc's Pedagogic Spirit.
- Portals exist at the northern, eastern, western, and southern sides of the
  Isle of Nethescuros. These take you to Darkhaven.
  See also:  HELP PKMAP2
(pkmap1)                                     |
   |                                         |  B-Babel Road
   |                                         |  C-The Dark Cafe
   M-------M--------M--------M--------M      |  D-Dirge Alley
   |       |        |        |        |      |  E-Altar of Ancients
   |       |        O--C     |     B  |      |  G-Galaxy
   |       |        |        |     |  |      |  H-Heathen Row
   |       H     Z--Z--Z     T--B--B  |      |  M-Molten Flux
   |       |     |     |     |        |      |  O-Other Rooms
   | O--O--H--O--Z--O--Z--O--T--O--O  |      |  T-Black Mass Trail
   | |     |                 |        |      |  V-Venom Crossing
   | O     H           T-----T        |      |  Z-Zone of Malevolence
   |       |           |              |      |-------------------------
   |       H-----------V-----H        |      |  For an outcast, say
   |                   |     |        |      |  'outcast me please'
   |    N           T--T     H--D--D  |      |  at The Dark Cafe
   |  W + E         |        |     |  |      |-------------------------
   |    S           T        H     G  |      |  The Altar of the Ancients
   |                |        |        |      |  may be used by clan leaders
   M----------------M--------M--------M      |  to invoke clan equipment
                                      E      '-------------------------
  See also:  HELP PKMAP

Pkill Areas

Author Area Directions
Malakai An abandoned mine <Plaza> #4 n;#2 w;#2 n;nw;ne;#2 e;n;d;#2 n;d;#3 n;e;#3 n;#2 e;#2 n;ne
Shargate Fallen Graces <Plaza> #4 n;#2 w;s
Malakai Grimoire <Gravoc> s;e;#4 d;sw;e;d;n;d;e;n;#2 e (also known as plaza)
Malakai Isle of the Savrathi Accessable through Pass of the Mourned.
Malakai Pass of the Mourned <Plaza> #4 n;#2 e;n;d;n;ne;n;e;ne;e;n;d;#2 n;nw;#4 n
Malakai Temple of the Laughing God <Worthless Beggar> say the temple
Malakai The Alluvrian Moors <Worthless Beggar> say the moors
Vortok The Isle of Nethescuros <Gravoc> e;#2 n
Ahzul The Land of the Lost <Plaza> #5 w;nw;w;u;sw;d;#2 w;sw;s;w;d;#2 w;n
Versetch The Lotus Sanctuary <Gravoc> #2 s;#6 e;s;#2 e;ne;se;e;#3 se
Tocchet The Umbrageous Ruins
Malakai Tomb of the Sleeping Demon <Worthless Beggar> say the tomb
Ahriman Tower of Lithos <Gravoc> e;#3 n;#2 nw;sw;#2 nw;w;sw;nw;n
Gatersade Graveyard of the Gods <Gravoc> #2 s;#6 e;s;e;#2 s;se;s;se;e;s;se;#3 s;se

Deadly Clans

Status Name Area Direction
Active Ombra Merciless Greed <Gravoc> e;#3 n;#2 nw;#2 sw;s;w;d
Active Mortiferis Temple of Shadows <Gravoc> #4 s;open s;s;w;s;e;#3 s;sw;#2 w;#2 nw;n;2w;s
Maleficae Hellish Plane of the Maleficae <Plaza> #4 n;#2 e;n;d;n;ne;n;e;ne;e;n;d;#2 n;ne;e;ne;#2 n;e;#5 n;d;#3 n;d;s
Catarrh Dark Temple of the Catarrh <Plaza> #5 s;d;#2 s;d;se;s;se;e;#2 s
Feralis Ravaged Citadel of the Feralis <Plaza> #4 n;#2 w;#2 n;nw;ne;#2 e;n;d;#2 n;d;#3 n;e;#3 n;#5 e;s
Excordis Dungeons de l'Excordis <Plaza> #2 e;#2 s;#2 e;d;#2 e;se;e;d;ne;e;se;s;d;#2 s;e;s

Leveling Guide

Leveling Route


  • Shattered Refuge (Gnome Child/Woman/Man, Gnome Scientist, Gnome Assistant, Reception)





Lowbie Deadly Gears

As a deadly, you can wear both peaceful and deadly equipments.

Level 0 - A shadowed lantern - 1con, 1dex, 1str, detect hidden
Level 10 - A set of hooked leggings - 10ac, 1hr, 1dr, 2con, 2str, 1dex

Avatar Deadly Gears

Lobster Bisque's Avatar PK Gear
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